2nd short story – Fiction

He is one of the employees who welcomed me in my first job, he’s cute, especially when he smiles. His name is Glenn, we became friends right away. He’s cool, never a dull moment in the office when he is around. I like his humor, very gentleman, responsible and smart. He added me on fb, and I accepted it right away.

Then, during the Christmas season, the company planned a monito monita exchange gift for 2weeks before the xmas party.

1st week I received a personalized mug.

2nd week I received a chocolate cookies.

Christmas party came, our secret Santa will now be revealed. I was so surprised that he is my Santa, the one giving me gifts that I like. In my mind, the gesture is so sweet. I think I like him.

He never forget to ask and greet me ‘good morning’, ‘did you eat’, ‘take care’, ‘how are you’, etc.

One day, lunch time, we were the only one in the pantry. I don’t know where the other people go. At first, it was awkward, bc this is our first lunch together. Just the two of us. Silence is killing me. Especially when I’m with the guy I like. Finally, he speaks. He asked me about my lunch, then so on and on, the conversations got deeper, it goes for the food to the school, from school to family, from family to places I’ve been.

It was an awesome lunch, we forget that it’s already time to go back to work. He started to txt me, pm me on fb and like my post. I do the same. I also even stalked him on fb, I dug into his past pictures and post. I’m right, he’s a responsible guy, very smart and funny. I’m loving every part of him, especially his personality. It adds that some of our students teases us, that we are compatible. We can be a perfect couple. A perfect US.

It’s been three years, the friendship became strong. I am just waiting for him to tell me if he want more than friends, bc I am more than willing to take a chance, I love him. But, the need to find a better place to work has come. I resigned from my first job, it hurts that I will be leaving him, though I assured him that the friendship will remain. I just want him to say that he wants more.

The communication remains, we chat everyday, asking about our personal lives. Careers. Dreams. Plans. I’m just waiting for him to tell what I wanted to hear. ‘I want more than friends’.

Then one night, he chatted me that he also resigned. He wants to see me and tell me personally his plans. We met in a coffee shop, he told me that he resigned because he is applying for work abroad for some time and one company already hired him.

Wait. He is going abroad. Far from this country, miles away from me. It’s like my heart tore into pieces. He hasn’t told me that he likes me, and this, he is going far away. For me, it’s unacceptable. I was deaf to his next words. The words that linger in my head is that he will be gone.

Until he says the words I longed to hear. ‘I like you, this is for our future’. What. W—wait. Do I hear it right? He says it again. It was real. He like me, he wants for than friends.

I smile with tears flowing from my eyes, and say ‘I want that too.’ He held my hands and gave me his sweetest stares and sweetest smile. I’m the happiest. No. We’re the happiest. We will be a perfect us.

Then the day came that he needs to go. I send him to the airport, and we had our tightest hug.

Three months have passed.

Neither did I know that, that was our last hug, our goodbye hug. I still longed for that moment, every moment in the airport is still clear in my mind. It’s like it happened yesterday.

He never contacted me. He deactivated his fb. His family changed their numbers too.

I need to accept the fact that he will never come back. But deep in my heart, I’m still hoping for him to come back. I still love him and I don’t know how to stop, when will it stop?


First Heartbreak

1st short story – Fiction

I was on my high school when I met this guy named Michael. We were on the same school club, different sections, but same club; and that’s the Glee Club. Yes, it was the days where Glee show is very popular, every meeting of the club we always talked about the show.

One day, our club adviser assigned us to present one song number with 5 members each group. He already pre-assigned the groupings. And I was grouped with Michael. We got close while working for the assignment, he was proactive and I am an introvert who always agreed to what he suggests.

Three weeks of working together for a one production number. I get to know him more, we became close friend. We hang out during the club meetings and even not club related. Most of the time we talked about the Glee show, how is the last episode, what songs they sung, etc.

Then one day, out of the blue, he invited me to go to SM. I asked why, he says he just want to chill. Ok, I said yes, but in my mind, I was still thinking why?

It was a happy day, we’re like best friends. We now talk about our lives, family, school, dreams, etc. The friendship got deeper, I am falling in love with my best friend. But I don’t know if the feeling is mutual. I LIKE HIM. No. I LOVE HIM.

Days, and weeks have passed, I am falling deeply. We’ve been thru a lot of things already. Losing a glee contest, reviewing together for the exams, his father abandoned them, winning a competition, being featured in a school newspaper, etc

One night, I was overthinking if I should tell him how I feel, he might be feeling the same thing. Because I think, yes. The way he texted me goodnight and take care, the way he cares for me when I will go home late, the way he looked at me and the happiness he is showing when we were together.

Over the lunch break, while in the cafeteria, I told him that I have something to tell. He says that he also has something to tell.

I demand that he goes first, because, you know I am the girl here.
But what he told me are the words that I did not expect to come.
Someone from behind him, approached us. Then he says the most heartbreaking words I’ve ever heard.

‘I want you to meet christian, my boyfriend’

Woah. I wanna scream, wanna get mad at him, wanna slaps him or hurt him. But I cannot move, my body is so stiffed, so numbed. I guess my heart stop beating for a while.

I smile. And tell him congrats. Then walked away with tears trying to escape my eyes.

He was my first love and my first heartbreak. And what hurts the most is that I fall in love with my gay best friend, who can only love me as a best friend.