Hello people! Thanks for dropping by. ­čÖé

When I was a young girl, (I think that was 9 or 10 yrs old) I fall in love. Yes fall in love with books, and the first book that I have ever read from cover to cover is the Charlotte’s Web by E.B White. After reading that book, I found myself digging in the bookshelf of my mom and sisters to look for a book to read.

Then after reading a lot of books, my love for writing was developed when my teacher in high school assigned us to write a story, I got a perfect score for my entry. So I started writing Short stories, Romance,  Novel, Essays, Trips, etc.

This blog is my portfolio of writings and photos. What I did? What I thought? Where I go? and What to do?

This is how I express my thoughts and feelings not to please anyone. As an Introvert, it is ┬áalways sometimes┬áhard for us to say our thoughts whenever we like it, we or maybe just me prefer writing than petty talks. Don’t get me wrong because I can do┬álong conversation with genuine people and can go out to travel and explore. Nope, we don’t always lock ourselves in a four pink wall,

Enjoy life, be LIFEAHOLIC!

<< JONIE, 25 >>


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