My Good Reads 2017 – 1st Quarter


Another year, another books to read. Yey!

I have listed all the books I wanted to read for this year and its more than what I have read last year, hoping that I’ll be able to read them all and reach my target. *crossfinger

I have a slow start this 1st quarter as I read 3 books only. 😦 So I am catching up to read more. No more distractions and no more long time thinking about the future. hahaha Just letting things be.

Now, here’s the 3 books I’ve read and they’re so wonderful.

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What keeps me busy these past months?

This is not so interesting, haha. I just want to write because my last post here was December 28, 2016 and what is the date today? March 9? 2017?

It has been 2 quiet months for me, because of a lot of things that I need to think about. It got me disturbed that I can’t find time writing even when my fingers are so itchy and misses writing. It is my nature to write when I feel like writing, especially when I feel so sad; it is my way of expression because my words sound better written than spoken.

So, now to break the silence of this wordpress (hahaha), I’m going to post ‘What keeps me busy these past months?’. And as written in the ABOUT of this page, this is my way of over sharing my life. Ok. Let me over share my life now.

  1. I’ve read two novels and these two books inspired me to live a beautiful life (kasi nga may pinagdadaanan ako), be happy with where I am and always be grateful for everything that I have. These two books are 1) The magical strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom and 2) All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. I’m currently reading Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. 🙂 And they really are CRAZY RICH!
  2. I watched two korean dramas (Cinderella and the Four Knights and The Legend of the Blue Sea). I know what will you say, I am not watching them just to follow the trend, but what I watched has a great story and another reason for watching KDrama is if the main actor is LEE MIN HO. 😀 ❤
  3. I’ve also written three poems. At times that I can’t write my long thoughts, I recourse to poem writing. Short writing, but very meaningful, maybe these poems reflect what I’ve been through for the past months.

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