Summer Camp 2016 – Chiro Cainta

I’m still wondering how to start writing this blog entry, because when you are so bloated with good words and great memories you don’t know how to say it or express it into words.

You just want to let it stay in your mind and feel the good feeling for a long time.





Camp Date: April 7-10, 2016

Venue: Sampaloc Elementary School Tanay, Rizal

Theme: Time’s up! is our camp theme; the concept is about the world/earth that has a few hours left of survival. Survival, our earth needs to survive and of course the participants need to survive all the challenges that will unfold as they journey. The earth has been in a critical state for so long, that mother earth sends her son to check the devastation and find ways how to control the worsening situation of the earth.

time's up logo v.2

Our camp LOGO. Drawing by Alexis, Edit by yours truly.

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3 steps to surprise your MOM on her birthday

Thinking about surprising your mom on her birthday?

Well, I’d like to share you some steps to successfully set up a simple surprise bday party for your mom. 🙂

And at the same time, I’ll share with you what happened in my mom’s surprise bday party, it was a simple party though, don’t expect too much. (wink)

First step: Planning

Early February this year, me and my siblings started our fb thread messaging to talk about our plans in mind for our mom’s 50th bday. We all agreed, that we will surprise her. But wait, what kind of surprise?

Ok, now, we have an idea. The first step is to PLAN.

Ask yourself these following questions:

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My Good Reads 2016 – 1st Quarter

Hello 2016!! I was so great that I welcome you with lots of books to read. Hehe. 😛 So here’s the books I’ve finished in the 1st quarter of 2016.

  1. 8 secrets of truly rich by Bo Sanchez8-Secrets

I wanna be a Billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had. Familiar, right? That’s one of those songs of Bruno Mars, and the part of the lyrics that says “the world better prepared for when I’m a billionaire” is my favorite.

Reading another book of Bo Sanchez always inspire me to be rich and help a lot people. My goal is to donate a 100k check to charities and to Chiro, and I want to help the people around me. Upon reading Bo’s book, it opens my minds widely to a lot of possibilities out in our world. All we need to do is to act.

Read Bo’s book to be inspired for I was inspired by him.

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