Happy birthday to everyone who is celebrating their birthday this MONTH. 😀

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, let me blog this birthday celebs I’ve been this November bc they are part of the few people close to me.

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Color Fun Run – Cainta Fiesta

Happy Fiesta Cainta Rizal!

Well, actually not yet, the exact day is December 1; but they have these different leg of activities. One of these is the Color Fun Run, do you know the TV show of KathNiel ‘Got to Believe in Magic-2013’ the idea comes from that show.

I and some of my friends are unlucky to get the singlet because it was limited, but there are some of my friends lucky enough to have one. But we still join with or without the singlet because we have planned joining this ‘fun run’ 1 year ago. 😀

So, to share you our joy, here’s some of the photos before, during and after we run and the video compilation I made. Hehehe. Enjoy! 😀 ❤


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25 days in SWITZERLAND (2012) – week 2

Did you enjoy my week 1 entry? I hope so 😀

As promised, this is the week 2 of our Switzerland visit.

Again, we are divided into four pairs. Me and Deo, Ojie and Vhan2, Mitzi and Ehman, and Chino and Pau2.

So here’s our (Me and Deo) 8 days camp in Giswil with the leaders from Basel.

Disclaimer: Pictures are not all mine. Pictures with captions “Jede Jubla zahlt” are from the camp official photographer, and some pictures are photos uploaded in fb by Team 4 or Partnership FB page

Day 8 – Leaders Camp day 1

Since we slept in one house, everyone (less ojie and vhan) woke up early to prepare ourselves for the departure, and of course to be the first one to take the shower while the water is still hot. hehehehe 🙂 now I know that kind of feeling. Makipagunahan sa banyo para sa mainit na tubig. 😀

Me and Deo together with Sandra and Cyril go to a train station in Giswil; their meeting place to meet the leaders and the participants. When we get there, some of the participants are already waiting for the others to arrive. Then when everyone has arrived, time to get to know each other. We play a circle game wherein there’s someone in the middle and s/he will say a thing and everyone who has it will have to switch places. Something like everyone who has blue shirt, black hair, black jacket, etc.


Jede Jubla zahlt

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5 Manila Places to Wander

Manila Girl? Nope.

Yasss, I am not a Manila Girl, but I was living in a town very near to Manila. The perks? I can be in Manila in just minutes or an hour. So to give you an idea what to expect and where to go if you will be in Manila continue reading. The following places are the places I’ve been before.

Manila is really crowded, lots of people, lots of houses and lots of traffic. But Manila is also a place must visit because of its mystery that only you can discover through experience.

So, here’s what I’ve explored in Manila.


When a Filipino hears Quiapo, most will have the image of the Quiapo Church or the Black Nazarene in their heads.



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