8 songs that can INSPIRE the DREAMER in YOU

Music is one of the things that keeps this world in harmony despite the ongoing war in different parts of the world. Music is very powerful if used properly to send messages like peace, equality, unity and love.

That’s the reason an idea pops up in my mind to write my playlist about songs that can inspire the dreamer in you.

So here’s my top 8 songs that can inspire the dreamer in you.

Enjoy and be inspired!

8. I believe I can fly by R Kelly

Every time I doubt myself, of all the things I know I can do, I always end up looking down on myself; I say things like ‘I’m not good at anything’ or ‘I’m not good enough’. So before this self-pity eats me alive, I listen to this song. It inspires me because the message of the song says so. And true enough, when I put my earphones on and close my eyes while the music is playing, I REALLY CAN FLY. I can imagine myself having wings, and flying like a bird. Parang Peter Pan lang. 😀

Most inspiring lines:

See I was on the verge of breaking down
Sometimes silence can seem so loud
There are MIRACLES in life I must achieve
But first I know it starts inside of me

But first I know it starts inside of me. Because I have to believe that I can make it or I can do it. As Henry Ford says ‘If you think you can or cannot, you’re right.’ Believing on the things I can do starts with me, so I say ‘believe’ because it can happen.

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Night in Zermatt – Puzzle 1

After seeing the displayed puzzles at the Puzzle Museum in Tagaytay, I got so inspired to assemble some. I decided to buy one puzzle just to give it a try and to check how long my patience and perseverance in completing a puzzle could go.

I bought the puzzle last June 5, and was only able to start doing it last August 20 and it lasted for 7 hours and 30 mins.  Yes, I completed the puzzle that long because hello! It wasn’t easy as you think it is, my sister saw me started doing the puzzle, after 4 hours she goes back to check it and she was like ‘hey, you’re not yet finished?” and in my mind I say “di kaya madali.” (this isn’t easy.)

I have some lessons/realizations while doing the puzzle, and they are:

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3 steps to surprise your MOM on her birthday

Thinking about surprising your mom on her birthday?

Well, I’d like to share you some steps to successfully set up a simple surprise bday party for your mom. 🙂

And at the same time, I’ll share with you what happened in my mom’s surprise bday party, it was a simple party though, don’t expect too much. (wink)

First step: Planning

Early February this year, me and my siblings started our fb thread messaging to talk about our plans in mind for our mom’s 50th bday. We all agreed, that we will surprise her. But wait, what kind of surprise?

Ok, now, we have an idea. The first step is to PLAN.

Ask yourself these following questions:

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The Feast = 2.21.16

I’ve been wanting to attend the Feast ever since I knew about it, and of course to hear how Bo talks, live. Because I’ve heard him in YouTube videos and have read most of his books, but haven’t seen him in person.

And finally! Last Feb 21, 2016, I saw him 🙂 Gee! I get so kilig when I saw him and heard him live.  😀

The Feast PICC

The Feast, is tagged as the happiest place on earth by its founder Bo Sanchez, and most of the regular goers agree and support this tagline. So let’s see if this is true.

We arrived at the venue, 15 minutes before 9 am, in time for the mass. Everything was so organized, the chairs, the stage, the usherettes, the people, as in everything. I was blown away when the mass started, the entrance songs is not like the regular entrance song in a regular church. The stage is complete with the sound instrument and lights needed for a concert. Yes, it feels like a concert. The last time I attended this kind of mass was in November 2015 during the FNYO day, but if I will measure the intensity, this one got a 8/10 higher than last Nov 6/10.


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