Pinto Art Museum: A world class museum

Art? Paintings? Errr. I’m not interested.

Those are words that we sometimes hear when it comes to art. Even me, sometimes I lose enthusiasm to paintings. Reason? I don’t know how to paint. haha Lame reason. I know.

Then one Saturday afternoon, me and my friend decided to visit one of the Art Museum that is very near our town, the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City.

The place is really awesome, it looks so different from the other museums that we have here in the Philippines. You will not look forward for the paintings alone, but also for the structures where the paintings are located. A must visit for every travel junkie like me, who don’t just travel, but also appreciate the things around them such as trees, mountains, air and art. 🙂


How to get there?

Option 1 : From Megamall, ride a van going to Antipolo Simbahan (Church). Drop off point is near the church. After alighting from the van, ride a tricycle (there are many tricycles in Antipolo Simbahan) tell the driver that you’re going to Pinto Art Museum, then sit back and relax because the driver will bring you in just 10-15 minutes.

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