This is a post from the official website of Chiro Pilipinas about our experience in KRINKEL 20017; a camp for the leaders and oldest division of Chiro Flanders . I wrote this article, so enjoy reading! 🙂

Every four years, Chiro Flanders organizes the biggest summer camp for its aspirants and leaders called KRINKEL. They live, play, sing and be together for six (6) days. This is also their way of inspiring leaders and giving them new ideas for their activities. As a way of solidarity, they invite FIMCAP member organizations to send participants and they are gathered in one campground – the INTERNATIONAL. This year, five (5) leaders of Chiro Pilipinas responded to the invitation. This is us sharing our KRINKEL experience to you.


It was August 24, when we arrived in Merksplas.  We were amazed by the big tents that were already set-up. With our heavy backpacks, we walked to our campground and saw how everyone was busy building structures and sleeping tents for their respective campgrounds. We heard KRINKEL saying, “This is KRINKEL, prepare to be amazed”. The first task given to us was to help put up the sleeping tents which are not like what we have in the Philippines. These are big and heavy military tents which required more than four people to assemble. Apart from gaining the skill to put up military tents, we also gained new friends.


Over 4000 people lived in Merksplas for Krinkel 2017. It is the biggest number they got so far with 800 volunteers, 12 camp grounds, and more than 300 living groups! All participants were divided into small groups, which they call living group. We played together as a living group, sometimes with another living group which could be from another campground. Playing new games and meeting new people added to our excitement every day. One specific instance is when we met an aspirant during one of the games. She is a Filipino by birth adopted by a Belgian couple back when she was still in an orphanage in Quezon City. She told us about her plans of finding her biological parents in the future.

After every breakfast, we pack our lunch and off we go to the sites where we had the activities. We do things together as a living group, even having lunch. Water was also essential for survival in Krinkel, because it can get too hot in the field and we have to walk for about 15-20 minutes to get to the play area. Sometimes we were already tired even before the game began, but because we are Chiro and FIMCAP, we were always up for the challenge. We played until all our muscles were tired that we would jokingly say the next day that we regret playing the game. But in reality, we do not mind it at all because we love being in Krinkel.


Each day was different. There was always something new and special with the program. Our campground started one day in advance from the other campgrounds. So on our second day, Krinkel officially began. We were welcomed by a “RADIOSPACE”- everyone was full of energy, dancing and singing with the DJ in the spaceship. Loud music can be heard all over the area, some are sitting on the pelouse meeting new friends, eating their lunch and some are going around to play the small games prepared for them. It was a very fun welcome! The activity was followed by the grand opening in a big, big tent. Everyone cheered for their camp ground as their banner bearer entered the stage and proudly waved their flags. Of course, we cheered for the FIMCAP flag!

Since we were at the International campground, sharing of traditions and cultures were part of the program. Each organization presented something about their country that will highlight their culture or the organization itself. After the program, we had a buffet of delicacies from around the world. One may also get souvenirs from countries in the FIMCAP continents. Well, that is one of the perks of being at the International campground.

The mass game was amazing! Imagine 4000 leaders and aspirants playing different games which were interconnected. Seems chaotic, isn’t it? It was chaotic but in a fun way. There was something happening everywhere. There was a game played in each terrain. We had to protect our lives and at the same time, protect our allies since our opponents were waiting to stop us from achieving the goal of the game.


The spirit of KRINKEL twinkled even more during the National Singing Moment. Each campground would shout their yell at the top of their voices – from the band, to the parade, to the yell of every camp ground. But of course, the best yell for us is: “KRINKEL ACQUI! KRINKEL ACQA! INTERNATIONAL ESTA!” which means “Krinkel is here, Krinkel is there, this is International!” The night became even more special when a massive bonfire was lit and one of the most famous singers in Belgium took the center stage!

We also had a super late-game on our 4th night, which was very well formulated on our perspective as a participant. We can see; though it’s dark that the materials were perfectly placed and that everyone was so eager to be the first team to join the spaceship in its launch. We did our best to win. But because of the light limitation, our team’s color landed on the second spot. What surprised us the most was how the materials were set up so quickly. It was not there before we had dinner. But it was like a mushroom that sprung from the ground without us noticing it being set up. Moreover, there was quite a distance between the materials area and the activity area.

On our 5th day, we had a grand picnic for our lunch under the sun. Hotdog sandwiches and pancakes were served for everyone. White cloths were placed on the ground as our picnic table, where we ate while we waited for our next activity. That night, we went to visit the different campgrounds of each region and see what they prepared for their visitors. The gimmicks of each campground were so cool. One that caught our attention was that of a man sitting on a high platform licking a lollipop. The objective of the game was to guess how many licks it took to finish the lollipop. Each answer was written on a piece of paper together with the name of the person who guessed it. The person who wins will be contacted the next day and will be given a reward. Our guess was 54. Nobody contacted us so it means we did not get the correct answer.


It was Tuesday, last night of KRINKEL. The day no one was looking forward to as it means we will be bidding goodbye to everyone the next day. So we had to cherish every minute of the last remaining hours in Merksplas. The last show was indeed a great way to cap the event. It was awesome to see how the whole production was done. Indeed, it was the perfect show to end the KRINKEL. And not to mention the surprise wedding proposal that happened during the show.

We travelled 19 hours to get to Belgium and 23 hours back to the Philippines. It was a long but worthwhile journey. We will never forget our days in Krinkel but most especially, we will never forget our days with our host families where we stayed before and after the camp. Because of them, we had a chance to visit Brugge (sometimes referred to as the Venice of the North) and strolled the city of Brussels. We were also introduced to a typical family barbeque night and a common night at home that involves board or card games and beer or wine.




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Earthquake on the Mountain


Sunset at Mt.Pinagbandirahan Batangas

These days, hiking or climbing mountain became a trend. It has a transmittable effect to people, especially to the Millennials; there’s a good effect though. The sudden popularity of climbing mountains helps boosts the tourism of the local governments and it gives jobs to the locals of the specific area.

As it continues to become popular some of the undiscovered mountains have been discovered and the untrailed mountains, now has trails. A lot of people are now being so enthusiast when it comes to climbing mountain, but maybe they forget something very important for the environment; they forget to pick up the trashes –their own trashes. Let me tell you some proof, later.

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Enchanted River | Tinuy-an Falls

On our 4th day in Agusan del Sur, we decided to go to Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur, because on my first visit, I wasn’t able to go, as I have a very limited time there. This time since we have one extra day, I don’t want to miss the chance to go to Enchanted River. 😀 So yeah! We have found a multi-cab to service us in going to Enchanted River plus a bonus visit to Tinuy-an falls.

Why Enchanted River? Because I wanted to see  how enchanting it is. It was popularized by lots of documentary shows and featured by different travel blogs. They’ve been captivated by its beauty and was mesmerized by its mystery. And I’m one of those curious people about the river, so why not check it out.

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Half of 2016 are already gone, a lot of adventures happened and many challenges have conquered for the last 6 months. And now that we only have 6 months left in 2016, let’s all make the most out of it. Be free, explore, challenge yourself, do things that you wanted to do because no one’s stopping you – only YOU can stop YOU.

So, to start the 2nd half of 2016, I go to Cagbalete Island with some friends to relax, unwind, to travel and have some fun. 😀

So here’s my Cagbalete Island: Travel Guide and Suggested Itinerary.

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5 things that will make you fall in love to Oslob Cebu

OSlob Cebu

5 things that will make you fall in love to Oslob Cebu

Oslob is one of the beautiful provinces in Cebu, located in the Southern part of the island. Five years ago, this place was unknown to many, but because of the popularity of social media and blogs by some travelers; this place is now a travel bucket list.

In fact, when you search Oslob in google it will show you different great places and blogs that says good things about the place. You should try to visit Oslob one day and I’m sure you’ll go back as often a you want.

My last encounter to Oslob was last June 10 and it left me in a serious stage of separation anxiety. Right now, I’m missing the place so badly and the people and the air and beaches and the life. Ugh! How I wish I can stay there longer or can go back as often as I can.

But anyway, as an outlet of this #sepanx, I would like to share my 5 Things that will make you fall in love to Oslob

First is HOW to get to Oslob from Cebu City?

  1. Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal located along N. Bacalso Nat’l Road. Ride the CERES bus. I recommend you choose Ceres bus liner because it has huge bus for comfortable travel, it is also better to choose the aircon bus becasue it will be a long trip.
  2. Ride the bus with a signed “Bato via Oslob” – do not mistake the signages, there are also buses going to Bato via Barili but it will lead you to Moalboal, remember that you are going to Oslob.
  3. Bus fare is P154.00 one way for about 3-4 hours. Tell the conductor to drop you to where your accommodation is, we are booked in Seafari Resort in Cuancua-ay Tanawan Oslob.

Seafari Resort Oslob Cebu

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Cebu City : Guide for a day tour


Cebu is located in the Visayas region of the Philippines and was tagged as the Queen City of the South because of its huge potential when it comes to economy, tourism and infrastructure. A lot of foreigners ravaged Cebu not just for a visit, but also to migrate and study English in the Island.

I’ve visited Cebu several times in the past, but it’s more of a business purpose, this time I travel to Cebu for leisure and for exploring purposes. 🙂

So, here’s my Cebu City guide for a wet and dry day tour.

In the Philippines we only have two seasons; the dry season and the wet season. And these seasons are always unpredictable as there are times that it’s summer, but it will rain and vice versa. We travel on the first week of June, and it’s the start of the wet season, but we still dare to go because the sun is still blazing. True enough, we had a wet and dry trip in Cebu.

Around Cebu City

From the airport, arrived at 7am in the morning, we have the whole day to go around Cebu City before going to Oslob. But since we have our back packed with us and we don’t have any hotel booking in the city, we go to Traveler’s Lounge in SM City Cebu to deposit our bags for a fee of 30 pesos for 2 bags until 8:30 pm. We can go around the city w/o  the weight of our bags, what a relief!

1. Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

From SM City Cebu, ride a jeep with 12I code; it will pass by Cathedral.


2. Basilica del Sto. Niño

From the Cathedral, exit on the left gate if you’re facing the Cathedral. Cross the street and turn left for a street with a lot of vendors selling religious items and some foods. Go straight and you will find the Basilica del Sto. Niño.

There’s an ongoing morning mass outside when we get there, because they don’t use the Basilica structure for a  mass anymore as they’re preserving it, people can just go inside to pray and reflect. This place is also known for the famous religious festival called ‘Sinulog’, it happens every January, and one of the highlights is the street dance with the Sto.Nino icon and it will last for 9-12 hours. Many tourists preferred to visit this event by reason of witnessing the religiosity of this Island and to express their devotion for the Sto. Niño.


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Pinto Art Museum: A world class museum

Art? Paintings? Errr. I’m not interested.

Those are words that we sometimes hear when it comes to art. Even me, sometimes I lose enthusiasm to paintings. Reason? I don’t know how to paint. haha Lame reason. I know.

Then one Saturday afternoon, me and my friend decided to visit one of the Art Museum that is very near our town, the Pinto Art Museum in Antipolo City.

The place is really awesome, it looks so different from the other museums that we have here in the Philippines. You will not look forward for the paintings alone, but also for the structures where the paintings are located. A must visit for every travel junkie like me, who don’t just travel, but also appreciate the things around them such as trees, mountains, air and art. 🙂


How to get there?

Option 1 : From Megamall, ride a van going to Antipolo Simbahan (Church). Drop off point is near the church. After alighting from the van, ride a tricycle (there are many tricycles in Antipolo Simbahan) tell the driver that you’re going to Pinto Art Museum, then sit back and relax because the driver will bring you in just 10-15 minutes.

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