My Good Reads 2016 – 3rd Quarter


In my Goodreads account, I set a goal to read 20 books in 2016, just to be safe😀because I know I can make more than that.  And I’m two book ahead of schedule😀

1st quarter – 5 books
2nd quarter – 6 books
3rd quarter – 6 books

Here’s the books I’ve finished reading for the 3rd quarter of 2016.

1. Library of Souls – Ms. Peregrine House for Peculiar Children (Book 3)


After finding out that they were fooled by the bird they brought along their journey, Emma and Jacob were left on a train station because their peculiar friends were captured by the wights. Now, they need to find where Ms. Peregrine and the other ymbryne’s and their friends were brought.

Jacob also further developed his power in this part, turns out that he is one of the most powerful peculiar more than what other’s expected. He was able to control the hollows and talk to them; he can also see the jar of souls in the library of souls.

This third book is more intense as it has a lot of cliff hanger scenes and a lot of characters have added to the books, these characters are helpful in ending the story.

The whole book series will teach you how to be courageous even if the battle that you will face is bigger, greater and powerful than you. Just go, fight and never give up.

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Night in Zermatt – Puzzle 1

After seeing the displayed puzzles at the Puzzle Museum in Tagaytay, I got so inspired to assemble some. I decided to buy one puzzle just to give it a try and to check how long my patience and perseverance in completing a puzzle could go.

I bought the puzzle last June 5, and was only able to start doing it last August 20 and it lasted for 7 hours and 30 mins.  Yes, I completed the puzzle that long because hello! It wasn’t easy as you think it is, my sister saw me started doing the puzzle, after 4 hours she goes back to check it and she was like ‘hey, you’re not yet finished?” and in my mind I say “di kaya madali.” (this isn’t easy.)

I have some lessons/realizations while doing the puzzle, and they are:

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