posting date 8.24.2015

I don’t know how am I going to treat you? I don’t know how to talk to you? I don’t think the way we talk will still comeback just like the old times? You’re very different today than before; I don’t know if I still know you. Maybe I know your childhood, but when we all started to grow; everything has changed. Before, there are more days that we talk, laugh, play and bond but today there’s more silence.

Not just me, but I noticed everyone don’t want to talk to you. We don’t want to be part of your day anymore. Especially me, I don’t want to see you, to be part of your day is not my priority. I can’t believe it comes from me. When I was young I never thought I would say these things, but today is different.

I don’t know when it all started to happen. I just woke up one day felling this feeling. And I’ve never seen your genuine smile again, and I think tomorrow will still the same.

I hope you became happy with your choices, I will always be praying for you, the old times might not come back but I know one thing that binds us; but I won’t spill it here.



posting date 8.23.2015

I’m so not in the mood today because it’s HELL MONDAY. 

My life is not really on track to my dreams. But I know God has better plans than mine.

So, here’s to motivate myself.


But, what if I’m not that strong enough? Joke!


Someday, it’ll all make sense.

(    (  (  ((((((POSITIVE)))))  )   )     )

Lifeaholic Diary -01

posting date 8.18.2015

Let me share to you guys, fraction of one article of my most favorite blogger Bo Sanchez. “Are you Lifeaholic?”

I was a true-blooded, full-pledged workaholic.

I’ve now converted and have become a lifeaholic—if there’s such a thing.  I’m now “addicted” to breathe, to love, to quiet, to beauty, to balance, to peace, to joy, to simplicity, and all the wonderful stuff contained in this adventure called life.

          A workaholic works long hours. 

But a lifeaholic works regular hours.

          A workaholic has very shallow friendships, in and out of work.

       A lifeaholic treasures his deep friendships as his greatest wealth.

         A workaholic works with no defined goals.  He just wants to be busy.

      But a lifeaholic has defined goals and works towards attaining them.  And half of these goals have nothing to do with his work.

           A workaholic has no interests outside of work.

       A lifeaholic on the other hand has pleasurable interests outside his work.

          A workaholic cannot delegate.

         A lifeaholic makes delegation his master skill.

          A workaholic doesn’t take vacations.  And if he is forced to take one, his mind will still be trapped in his office desk no matter where he goes.

         A lifeaholic on the other hand takes afternoon naps, annual personal retreats, second honeymoons, regular family picnics, and weekly day-offs with gusto.

          A workaholic feels that life is one huge problem.

        A lifeaholic feels that life is one mysterious and wonderful gift.

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Sunny Side Trip in Oslob Cebu

posting date 8.22.2014

I am a youth leader in one of the Catholic Youth Movements in the Philippines its called CHIRO YOUTH MOVEMENT (CHIRO read as KIRO), I am also a trainer of the said movement. We are a pool of trainers who trains the leaders of CHIRO. So we exist in some places in Luzon, Visayas and in Mindanao.

I got a privileged to travel in Oslob, Cebu last June 2014 because of the requested training of the leaders in the mentioned place.

Here’s my 4 day Training and a Sunny Side trip in one remote barangay and the Tumalog falls in Oslob Cebu, a hidden paradise in the southern part of Cebu.

My flight was scheduled at 11:00 pm, I arrived in Mactan-Cebu International Airport after midnight and someone from the group is already waiting for me. We took a taxi going to South Bus terminal and grab a lite snack because it will be a 4 hour bus ride.

It’s better to ride an AC bus if you will travel for more than 2 hours to make you feel comfortable specially when you have a full packed day ahead of you.

Four hours passed by and we are now in our destination, after dropping off the bus, we walked through the church where we are going to stay for the rest of the days in Oslob.
First day – By 8am, the participants started to arrived, they’re from different barangays of Oslob, some are from the mountains which will take you Php 150.00 for a ‘Habal-habal’ ride.


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I’ve been thinking on how I can become rich? So these 11 things comes in my mind.

  1. Work Abroad. But not everyone who works abroad gets rich. Only those who know how.
  2. Work overtime. Sadly in my work there is no overtime. 😦
  3. Get another job. Teach me first the basic of time management.
  4. Mag audition sa PBB. Not every one gets in. Malay mo.
  5. How about starstruck? Same. Not everyone gets in and I don’t have talents.
  6. Join a Networking business. What is that?
  7. Sell my stuff. It doesn’t have a value tho.
  8. Sell my Kidney. Any hospital here that need my kidney? This is clean; I assume. (Don’t take this seriously :p)
  9. Marry an old rich man. Do you know anyone? (Insert drooling emoticon here)
  10. Run for any government position. You know what I’m going to do.
  11. Bet on lottery tickets. Buy as many as I can. Kaya lang sayang pera.

That’s it. I think I’m going to do all of these when I get really bored and feel that progress is very slow. Ano daw?? Joke. This is just for fun.


This is my note in my fb account last January 2013. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Gruezi 2013

Danke 2012!

According to Mayan Calendar, year 2012 will be the end of the world. There are facts that can prove it, and it scares the whole world, a lot of promotional movies add up to scare the people.

 But nothing can shake a person who is firm in the FAITH. And I’m proud to say “I AM ONE OF THEM!”

Twenty twelve had been a wonderful year to me. It opens a lot of doors, and it also closes a lot of doors, but I’m glad that there are windows that opens when doors closes. Hehehe 😀

Looking back to the highlights of my 2012, I want to thank everyone who became part of it.

JANUARY Newly promoted Aspirants Members. Thank You Aspi.Clarisse, Mymy, & Bok.

FEBRUARY Team 4 meeting, Approved Schengen Visa. Thank You Ldr. Marie, Badette, Chris, Ogie, and Hazel for the support & assistance.

–    Sabira Paula Molina Battung came. 🙂 Welcome to the outside world Baby Sab (1st niece).

MARCH – APRILSWITZERLAND visit and JUBLA experience. An exceptional experience that will be treasured forever. 😀 Thank You Fastenoper, to Jungwacht & Blauring, to the Partnership Committee of Jubla and Chiro, to my host family and to my Camp mates. Thank You to my new found friends Mitzi, Vhan2, Pau2, Chino, Deo, Ehman & Ojie TEAM4EVER 😀

APRIL – MAY ISKRAMBOL CAMP 2012, a 5 day extra ordinary camp. Thank You to the bus driver & operator, to the program committee and all the committees.

AUGUSTMy 21st birthday. Thanks to all who greeted me a happy birthday.

–          44th Anniversary of Chiro Cainta, everything has its own time, and this time is a time to say goodbye and to say hello. Thank you to all the leaders who supported me in my 2 year term as a Group Leader, now Chiro Cainta has a 2 new GL.

–          Thematic Camp on Initiation, the leaders of South Luzon Region was invaded by the aliens and some trainors had been infected by the virus but thanks to the leaders they did not surrender and at the end they successfully destroyed the aliens and virus. Thank you to the beautiful venue in Hardin sa Tabing Ilog, and to all the leaders and trainors.

NOVEMBER Aspirants day out for passing the CROSSROAD.

DECEMBERChiro National Pilgrimage to the Island of Cebu. “An Experience of a Lifetime” a different kind of journey to become more rooted in FAITH. Thank you Chiro Cebu, Spiritual Committee and to all the participants.

Also part of my 2012 is my involvement to Chiro Montalban, as trainors rotate to handle this baby group.

Time goes so fast. It is now 2013, but when you close your eyes and go back to the events happened in your life last year, seems like it just all happened yesterday.

Thank you to my very supportive parents, Mommy Gemma & Daddy Jimmy.

Thank you for being part of my life.

Let’s all together make this 2013 another year to be remembered.

Gruezi 2013


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I am Jonie, and this is my blog.


I am a blogger since 2013, but i did not publish all my blogs and did not put my blog in public because, you know starter probs. Hehehe. But today, I am still a starter. (BIG grin :D)

Fell free to read if you want, if you don’t want it’s ok. 😀

Hahahaha 🙂