The Feast = 2.21.16

I’ve been wanting to attend the Feast ever since I knew about it, and of course to hear how Bo talks, live. Because I’ve heard him in YouTube videos and have read most of his books, but haven’t seen him in person.

And finally! Last Feb 21, 2016, I saw him 🙂 Gee! I get so kilig when I saw him and heard him live.  😀

The Feast PICC

The Feast, is tagged as the happiest place on earth by its founder Bo Sanchez, and most of the regular goers agree and support this tagline. So let’s see if this is true.

We arrived at the venue, 15 minutes before 9 am, in time for the mass. Everything was so organized, the chairs, the stage, the usherettes, the people, as in everything. I was blown away when the mass started, the entrance songs is not like the regular entrance song in a regular church. The stage is complete with the sound instrument and lights needed for a concert. Yes, it feels like a concert. The last time I attended this kind of mass was in November 2015 during the FNYO day, but if I will measure the intensity, this one got a 8/10 higher than last Nov 6/10.


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Regina Rica Vday weekend


It’s Valentine’s weekend, and for sure people will start to flood different places just to celebrate this special day. Many restaurants will be full, theme parks and beaches will be full too, and of course hotel rooms will be fully booked. 🙂

For me, there is nothing really special about Valentine’s, because I am not in a relationship with anyone ever since. But over the years I learned how to celebrate it with just the people around me who love me for who I am. God. Family. Friends.

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Looking for JOY

Have you watched the movie Inside Out? If yes, that’s great.


If you haven’t, you better watch it. It was really a nice movie, at first, I thought it was a movie for kids or toddlers, but I was wrong. It was a movie for grown up people like me.

The main character is JOY and SAD, they journeyed together to go back to their headquarters after getting lost.

I suggest you watch the movie. 😛

From it’s very definition, JOY is a feeling of great pleasure and happiness.


In a fast pace life we are in right now, how can we attain true joy? I know we all have different definitions of JOY. So, let’s take a look at some things that brings joy to the humans of today.

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