Seems like the Old Times


My usual weekend was spent either on meeting or at home. This Saturday it was spent 60% at home and 40% on meeting. hehehehe 😀

From the time I wake up, I am so focused on the television because I am waiting for a noontime show; me and my entire family enjoys. hehehe

I have a meeting at 5pm in Megamall, so after Eat Bulaga I plan to get  there early for a window shopping because they have this 3-day sale. But I am not a fan of sale items, just trying my luck if I could find a phone on sale. hehehe 😀 But unfortunately, I am unlucky to find one, and I am too lazy to search the entire mall. hahaha. 😀

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10 Songs that makes me so KILIG


Knowing myself, I get irritated easily by just a simple thing that could disturb my quiet existence.

That’s why music helps in soothing me when everything around me is so agitate, I could actually enter a new world when I am in tune.

Lately, my heart wanders when will be the “tamang panahon” for me to experience love. Hehehe 😀 I’m not in a hurry anyway, so to feel some #kilig, I listen to some love songs that really gives kilig to my bones. ❤

So here’s my top 10 love songs that make me so KILIG. It’s in different genre of music, a mix of slow rock, alternative rock, country song and pop.

10. Missin’ You Like Crazy by Us the Duo


Every time I hear this song, I can’t help myself but adore this couple on how they really show their love for music and especially to each other.


Favorite line of the lyrics: When we’re not together I think about you all the time. I keep your picture in my wallet to remind me that you’re mine.

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