My Good Reads 2017 – 1st Quarter


Another year, another books to read. Yey!

I have listed all the books I wanted to read for this year and its more than what I have read last year, hoping that I’ll be able to read them all and reach my target. *crossfinger

I have a slow start this 1st quarter as I read 3 books only. 😦 So I am catching up to read more. No more distractions and no more long time thinking about the future. hahaha Just letting things be.

Now, here’s the 3 books I’ve read and they’re so wonderful.

  1. The Magic String of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albommagic strings

By the time that I wrote this review, it has been 4 days since I finished reading the book and I can’t find a way how to accept the thought that it’s done. I am in a coma for 4 days, trying to think about the whole story, it leaves me thrilled and somehow delighted that I have chosen to read this book. Now, I can say that I have in a way moved on a little from my attachment to the book.

The author, Mitch Albom is so brilliant; I don’t know how he had that talent of writing a book that is so perfectly written.

The story is about Frankie Presto, an orphaned guitarist. The story started on his burial where people he knew talked about his life, how they got to know Frankie and what was the most significant role Frankie played in their lives. What is more electrifying is that the book was being told by MUSIC itself. Imagine MUSIC talking? Yes, exactly, that’s how it was written.

Frankie, who was born in a Cathedral during the war, was raised by a sardine factory owner Baffa Rubio. Frankie’s mom had a continuous bleeding after giving birth to him, so a novice nun who helped his mom in giving birth took him out of the cathedral before the conqueror find them and burn the whole church. The novice nun took care of Frankie for a moment until he was 1 year old, but since the novice nun has no work to feed and raise Frankie, he leaves him in a river, asking for God’s forgiveness while running away. That’s when Baffa’s hairless dog found Frankie in a river floating and crying.

Baffa enrolled Frankie to a personal guitar Maestro to teach him guitar playing, but what they discovered about Frankie’s talent is more than what they expected.

Frankie learned a lot about playing a guitar and he uses it every time he feels like playing. But unfortunate events happened since their country is still under military law. He will start his journey in life at a very young age, living alone, crossing different countries until he became a famous celebrity. He experienced a lot of pain, happiness, getting high, being in love, shattering dreams and losing his baby inside his wife’s womb.

A novel, from Frankie’s childhood to the day he died, but every word is worth to read.  I will never think twice in recommending this book; a drama, magic and love story in one book.

Favorite Line: “As life goes on, you will join other bands, some through friendship, some through romance, some through neighborhoods, school, an army. Maybe you will all dress the same, or laugh at your own private vocabulary. Maybe you will flop on couches backstage, or share a boardroom table, or crowd around a galley inside a ship. But in each band you join, you will play a distinct part, and it will affect you as much as you affect it.” 

2. All the bright places by Jeniffer Niven

all the bright places

They say not all who wanders are lost, but in this book the main characters are lost in life; so they wandered.

Theodore Finch and Violet, both are broken because of the past events of their lives.

Finch wanted to end his life because no one sees him, no one cares for him and people call him a freak. He’s like that because of his abusive father, who now has a second family.

Violet is counting days till graduation, where she can escape Indiana and go to college. But just like Finch, she wanted to end her life because of the car accident she and her sister got in while driving drunk and that caused her sister’s death, she’s still missing her sister and blaming herself for that accident.

They met in a roof tower of their school where they separately planned to jump. No one jumps. No one dies. Their schoolmates saw them and the rumors spread about Violet talking to Finch, convincing him not to jump on that roof where a matter of fact it’s the other way around.

Since they were classmate in Geography class and their teacher asked them to do a project about Indiana, Finch got the chance to partner with Violet by blackmailing her that he will tell everyone the truth about the rumor. Violet agrees to partner with him in the project.

I’d like how they go around Indiana, discovering the hidden gems of their state. As they go with the project, they also developed feeling for each other. They never thought that dating and wandering will be so much exciting for both of them. They have found a new reason to continue living until the time that they have dishonored Violet’s curfew.

Now that they are not allowed to see each other again, they did their best to sneak around the school in between classes and breaks. The wandering also stopped because Finch got expelled, then one day, he was gone and no one knew his whereabouts. Violet will try her best to find Finch and to look for some clues about his fb messages and texts.

Sometimes, we met people because they will teach us some valuable lessons in life and once they’re done they will be gone.

Favorite line: “We do not remember days, we remember moments.” 

3. Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan

crazy rich asians

They really are crazy rich!

I’m one curious girl about this book because every time I walked into NBS, it’s always part of their top list so why not read this to know why. Hehe

3 reasons for me reading the book are 1 – I’m Asian, 2 – No, I’m not rich, 3 – this is a Romance book!

Rachel Chu a professor of Economics living a simple and ordinary life in New York is the girlfriend of Nick Young, also a professor and living in the same city as Rachel. But Nick is more than that, he comes from an affluent family and he doesn’t care about their wealth that’s why he is far from his family. And those things about Nick are not known to Rachel.

Being together for almost two years, Rachel still didn’t know much about Nick’s family, one day, he invited Rachel to go to Singapore to attend his best friend’s wedding and to also spend their summer there.

Rachel at first is hesitant about the idea, but Nick is persistent of bringing Rachel to Singapore to meet his family and to introduce her too. She agrees and finds herself boarding a business class plane and was astonished by how big the cabin was given to them with the flat screen TV for each of them and a private food storage. Rachel asked Nick how can he afford the ticket, well, Nick told her that he used some free miles he got from travelling. Rachel still doesn’t convince of the reason.

Rachel realizes that there is no turning back the moment she stepped her foot in Singapore. And neither did she know that it is the moment where everything about Nick will be unfolded; Nick’s family is so wealthy and not just wealthy, but his ancestor has been the center of wealth in whole Singapore up to the present. However, it is not only about Nick’s life that will be unfolded because Rachel’s life will also be investigated by Nick’s family up until they reveal a deleted past of Rachel.

I love reading different books with different locations/country because I so love traveling and I think that’s the same thing. I imagine myself being in the place where the author is describing the place and I also learned some little things about their language, culture and food.

Favorite line: “Just because some people actually work for their money doesn’t mean they are beneath you.” 


What’s best for me in these 3 books? Ah that’s hard, it’s like you ask a mother who is her favorite child. hahaha But honestly, I don’t want to label all the books I’ve read because there are some that are really great and there are some that are just ok but that is only my opinion, you might have your own opinion about the book, and let’s just leave it like that.

Currently, I’m reading “China Rich Girlfriend by Kevin Kwan” Yes, this is the book 2 of the Crazy Rich Asians and it’s driving me crazy how rich these people are. It leads me thinking if these 2 books are fiction or for real? haha Ok that’s it for now. Bye.



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  1. Hi there! I just came across this post of yours and your blog in general and I couldn’t help but comment and tell you how much I love this! Keep up the great work, I am going to follow you so I can keep up with all your new posts!


    • Hello! Thank you for the positive feedback and for the follow. I’m glad that you liked my post/s. 🙂 I also checked your page and your posts are really great. I think you have great talent in writing, keep it up!

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