My Good Reads 2016 – 4th Quarter

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In my Goodreads account, I set a goal to read 20 books in 2016, just to be safe😀because I know I can make more than that.  And I’m so happy to say that I’ve read 23 books.😀 Taps myself on shoulder *good job, good job* ;D

1st quarter – 5 books
2nd quarter – 6 books
3rd quarter – 6 books
4th quarter – 6 books

Here’s the books I’ve finished reading for the last quarter of 2016.

  1. After You by Jojo Moyes

    Book 2 of “Me Before You” 😀

    Yes, after watching the movie “Me Before You”, I looked forward to reading this sequel. And grabe, I misses Will Traynor even more. Huhuhuafter-you

    It has been a year and months since Will died and a lot of thing happens. Louisa travelled around Europe as Will says, and she bought a flat in London using the money Will had left her, while Mr. and Mrs. Traynor got divorced months after going home from Dignitas.

    One night Louisa fell from the rooftop of her flat, a 4th floor high. People thought she did that on purpose, but it was an accident that even her family doesn’t believe. They thought that she is a suicidal girl, who can’t move on from Will.

    A surprise is waiting for her when she got back to her flat after recovering from the accident; Will’s daughter appeared on her front door. She’s a 16 year old problematic teenager whose looking for a family to accept her. Louisa will try her best to help Lily in meeting her grandparents and in changing her bad behavior. Louisa also joined a ‘moving on’ club, where they meet once a week to share how they cope with losing someone they love.

    Read the book, so you can join Louisa in moving on; in helping Will’s daughter; and in falling in love. AGAIN.

    I really can feel that there will be a 3rd book for this. 🙂

    Maybe Louisa in New York?? Please Jojo!

    Favorite line : “You don’t have to let that one thing be the thing that defines you.” – Will Traynor

    2. P.S I still love you by Jenny Han

    p-s-i-still-loveyouBook 2 of “To all the boys I loved before”

    Seems like, I’m into reading sequel books. Hahaha

    But anyway, this book is the continuation of the love story of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky.

    When Josh finds out that everything is just a contract between Lara Jean and Peter, he confronted them at Lara Jean’s house. Everyone has heard about it, that makes the situation even worse.

    But, neither did Lara Jean know that she has fallen in love with Peter. That she likes him taking her to school and back to her house, she likes it when Peter buys her donuts and they will eat together during lunch. Yes, he still loves Peter, because when she writes the letter to say goodbye to that feeling, it never left her heart. It stays there and it blossom because they spend more time with each other more.

    During New Years Eve, Lara Jean met Peter at his house, to give him the letter she wrote saying that she still love him. However, facing Peter gives her chills and she was chickened to hand him the letter, so she crumpled it and keep it in her pocket. Peter notices her hand not leaving her pocket, so he tried to check what it is. He won in the battle and was able to grab the letter, he read it silently and then there, everything is back. Peter likes her. No. Love her, but he’s not telling her directly unless he is so sure about his feeling.

    Both will try to keep the relationship stable, as they face a lot of challenges like the hot tub video of them kissing passionately, Genevieve – Peter’s ex-girlfriend and Lara Jean’s ex-best friend and John –their childhood friend; one of the recipients of Lara Jean’s letter, who liked her during 8th grade and likes her till now.

    Kilig much ako sa couple na ito. 🙂 hahaha

3. I know why the caged bird sings by Maya Angelou

How I learned about this book? It’s because I saw Emma Watson hiding some books of ‘Mom and Me and Mom’ in a subway as her way of supporting the “Books on the Underground” campaign, and also to support the author of the book; Dgather-together-in-my-namer. Maya Angelou.

I google the book and the author because I wanted to read the book, and I find out that the book is a series of autobiographical books of Maya. So I have to start with the first book to be able to understand the story so well. Then, I found the list and the sequence of the books, so this is the first book.

It was about her childhood and adolescence years until she became a mother at an early age with an unplanned son. She tells stories of her heartbreaks not about something romantic, but about life in general and their fight against racism and also in finding where she really fits in this high standard society.

This is a story of a young girl that at an early age, innocence leaves her while fears and anxiety resides in her life. Feeling unwanted, she will have some decisions that could lead her life to a 360 degree rotation.

Favorite line from her mom: “See, you don’t have to think about the right thing. If you’re for the right thing, then you did it w/o over thinking”

4. Gather together in my name by Maya Angelou

Autobiography 2 of Maya Angelou.


In this part of her life, she told story about her struggle in taking care of her baby, in finding jobs and in dealing with her family issues.

She travels to different cities to find her luck and also to escape to some problems she had somehow created as she live her life trying to please people. She’s longing for a love that would make her feel more of a woman and as a human.

Being an independent and strong woman, she find herself lonely and that her only possession in life is her son. A mother’s love for her child was shown by Rita in this book and that is unconditional.

I realize that a life of a negro during her time was really tough, and they must have been very strong to survive that era.

5. Mom and Me and Mom by Maya Angelou

This is the last part of Maya’s auto-biography. Yes, I jumped to the last book.


Maya Angelou tells the story of how she lived a life being a mom and a single parent trying to raise a good boy. She also shares her story of having a mom who would always be on her side even when the world wrecked her hopes and dreams.

She lives a happy and inspiring life for the black people like her who have experienced racism and gender discrimination.

I love how she addresses her mom as the most powerful woman she knows and on how she described the unconditional love a mother can give to her children.

My most favorite advised from her mom is this “Go,” she whispered. “Go. Show them you spell your name W-O-M-A-N.”

6. It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

Drama. Romance. Family. That is what the book tells about. it-ends-with-us

I got so attached to the characters to the point that I thought they were real people in my life. Hahaha. I know. I’m crazy. 😛

A love story between Lily and Ryle that was tried by their past circumstances. Lily is still waiting for someone who promised to find her, while Ryle is on to one night stand only because he doesn’t want a serious relationship as he is too focus about being the best neurosurgeon in Boston.

They fall deeply in love with each other; the trial relationship they both agreed becomes real. Everything was so perfect; the love they have, the new flower shop business of Lily and a respectable career for Ryle. But then there was Atlas; Lily’s first love, the one she’s waiting. And Ryle’s biggest secret about his personality was revealed.

Read the book to know how ‘It ends with us’ is the tittle of the book. Spoiler! This is drama romance, so prepare your tissue, especially at the last part.

Most favorite line “There is no such thing as bad people. We’re all just people who sometimes do bad things.” – By Ryle

This book won the Best Book of 2016 for GoodReads choice awards 2016 for Romance Category, if you want to know why, try reading the book. I could say that the book deserved the award, and it’s the best of Colleen Hoover so far.

That’s it for the last quarter of 2016. All in all, I’ve read 23 books out of my target of 20 books. 😀 😀 Yey!!

I already have the list for 2017 and still counting. Thinking of what to read first; Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them by JK Rowling or Two by Two by Nicholas Sparks. Help me decide. And if you have any book recommendation, just comment it, and I will surely check if that interest me. Thanks.


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