Enchanted River | Tinuy-an Falls

On our 4th day in Agusan del Sur, we decided to go to Enchanted River in Surigao del Sur, because on my first visit, I wasn’t able to go, as I have a very limited time there. This time since we have one extra day, I don’t want to miss the chance to go to Enchanted River. 😀 So yeah! We have found a multi-cab to service us in going to Enchanted River plus a bonus visit to Tinuy-an falls.

Why Enchanted River? Because I wanted to see  how enchanting it is. It was popularized by lots of documentary shows and featured by different travel blogs. They’ve been captivated by its beauty and was mesmerized by its mystery. And I’m one of those curious people about the river, so why not check it out.

We had our whole day on the road to visit this amazing gem of the Caraga region in Mindanao. From Afga Agusan del sur, travel time would be 3 hours to Hinatuan Enchanted River.


Then from that point to Tinuy-an falls, travel time would be more or less 2 hours.



Multi-cab rent – Php 3,500 all in (Going to Enchanted river and Tinuy-an falls)
Enchanted river entrance fee – Php 30.00
Life vest rent – Php 15.00/hour
Goggles rent – Php 50.00 for whole day
Tinuy-an falls entrance fee – Php 30.00

Enchanted River will really enchant you with her beauty and charm and with the mystery that it hides. Known as the river w/o depth, as many divers have tried measuring it, but no one has succeeded. One diver even lost his own life in trying to reach the deepest part of the river, but lost the battle when his tank ran out of oxygen. From then on, I think no one has tried measuring its depth again.


It may have been too commercialized, to the point that it lost its original beauty, but still it has its unique way of saying “I’m no ordinary river”.

We swim with our life vest and we’re always together as we swim, as we (or just me) don’t want to go alone in the middle. And when I look down, I can vividly see the depth of the river plus the fishes swimming below adds to my seasickness.


Tinuy-an falls is a unique one, it has 3 levels. The first one being the tallest and deepest, while the second one is the most raging one, it’s one story building  tall, this is where people can go, sit on the rock formation and take lots of pictures in different  angles and pose. Haha. While the third level is a more relax falls and so few people can go up to the third because there’s no man made stairs to go up. You have to find your own way in going up by taking the rocks, it’s not easy because the rocks are big and it seems dangerous to try. But if you’re into adventure, I’m sure it’s worth the try, just be careful.


This hidden falls, is still not yet too commercialized, because to get there, you will have to take a more or less 20 km rough road. Yes. It is a hidden gem of Bislig City, and if you’re planning for a day tour only, say goodbye to the falls at 4:30 or before the dark eats the sun. Why? It’s for your safety. Hehe.



We took some pictures and I braved to climb the top of the 2nd level to see the view and to get a glimpse of what the 3rd level looks like. 😀


OVERALL, it was an exhausting day for us, but its worth giving all our strength for Enchanted River and for Tinuy-an falls. I suggest to visit Enchanted river now or very soon while part of its original beauty still remain, because in 3 to 5 years it will look very different if they don’t spend time and money in preserving its beauty. For Tinuy-an falls, I think its beauty will stay for so long because few people only know about this hidden falls, but when the time comes that tourist started to flock that place they have to set rules and strictly implement it to their visitors.

credits to the owner of the pictures: Jeffrey Alupit 😀


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