Thematic on Games in Mindanao Region

 “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” – Plato




Two of the head trainers of Chiro Pilipinas (Geril and me) went to Mindanao to handle the training of the leaders in that place, specifically, leaders and aspirant leaders of Afga and Simbalan in Caraga Region. The 3 days training was held at the Blue Lagoon Swimming Pool at Buenavista Agusan Del Norte, it was a perfect place and very conducive for the training. Thanks to the very generous owner who allowed us to stay in the place.

This was my second time to handle training in Mindanao Region, but the first is only for the Aspirants of Chiro Afga for their Aspirants Training Course. This time, the training is more advanced with the participants coming from the new established local group of Chiro Simbalan. I got so excited before we arrive, because aside from the thing that I’ll be meeting them (those whom I’ve met before) again, I’ll also be meeting new leaders of Afga and Simbalan. 🙂

Over the years, Chiro Youth Movement is the only organizations in the Philippines that uses different kinds of play in catechising the youth, such as games, songs, cheers and role-playing among others. Since this is Thematic on Handling Games, we play in every session that we had. Letting the participants learn about how to derive a point from a game, we teach them different ways of handling and creating a game that will impart learning to their participants.

The training schedule is full packed, but I feel that it’s very light because the participants are very engaging and eager to learn.

Watch the summary of our 3 day training below. Enjoy! 😀



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