My Good Reads 2016 – 3rd Quarter


In my Goodreads account, I set a goal to read 20 books in 2016, just to be safe😀because I know I can make more than that.  And I’m two book ahead of schedule😀

1st quarter – 5 books
2nd quarter – 6 books
3rd quarter – 6 books

Here’s the books I’ve finished reading for the 3rd quarter of 2016.

1. Library of Souls – Ms. Peregrine House for Peculiar Children (Book 3)


After finding out that they were fooled by the bird they brought along their journey, Emma and Jacob were left on a train station because their peculiar friends were captured by the wights. Now, they need to find where Ms. Peregrine and the other ymbryne’s and their friends were brought.

Jacob also further developed his power in this part, turns out that he is one of the most powerful peculiar more than what other’s expected. He was able to control the hollows and talk to them; he can also see the jar of souls in the library of souls.

This third book is more intense as it has a lot of cliff hanger scenes and a lot of characters have added to the books, these characters are helpful in ending the story.

The whole book series will teach you how to be courageous even if the battle that you will face is bigger, greater and powerful than you. Just go, fight and never give up.

2. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert


This is a true to life story of the writer herself.

The book is about a divorced woman who travels the world to find the balance in her life. She goes to three I’s countries which is Italy, India and Indonesia. I got so inspired by her life and in her decision to travel to learn new things and have a different perspective in life.

In Italy she eats a lot, she told stories of the people she had met. She also learned the language in Italy, which is Italian and for her it is the most beautiful language in the world.

And when I was in the part of the book that she is in Italy, I try to learn some Italian words too, thru YouTube. 😀

Io vorrie questo piatto – I would like this dish.
Io vorrie quello – I would like that one.
Bel fa niente – Beuty of doing nothing

In India she prays, she learned a lot of ways how to do yoga and meditation. And in Indonesia, she tries to find the balance of life, but fate leads her to a different road she never planned. She falls in love in Bali and met friends that will be very special to her heart.

I could say that this book, ignite my desire to travel and discover the beauty of our world. So if you are a travel junkie, this book is a must read.

Here’s the movie trailer.

3. November 9 by Colleen Hoover

Very unique story, the first time that I have read a book like this.


November 9 is the title of the book, but it’s also the date that is very significant to the two main characters of the book; Fallon and Ben. Both are moving on from their dark past, then one day they never expected that their life will change after meeting each other. It’s like an insta-love, but not yet deep when they first met on November 9, and Fallon are moving to New York on that same night to pursue her dreams.

They will not see each other after that night so they agreed to meet once a year, every November 9, no communication for the rest of the day, no exchanging of mobile numbers, emails, nor Facebook account; they will only talk and see on November 9 for 5 years until they’re 23. Because maybe at that time, they both agreed that they have experienced what life could offer them and have found their selves, so they will be able to decide if they still want each other when they’re 23.

As they follow their agreement in meeting each other only in November 9, a lot of unexpected things happened. A lot of untold stories had been revealed and it affected their growing feelings for each other.

The story is really great and the plot is really unexpected. I never thought of a plot like this one. A must read, but I warn you that when you start reading this, you may find yourself reading the book till its last page non-stop or you will look forward to reading the next chapter after you’ve finished one. Another warning, it can make you cry.

A movie for this please.

4. Message in a bottle by Nicholas Sparks


Again. A Nicholas Sparks work.  😊😊 I know. haha

As I stumbled into this book I already thought that this will be a good story, true enough it is. (Yes! I know. I’m biased because I’m a fan haha)

If you were an avid romance book reader, you might know what the story all about, by just reading the title.

Yes, the book revolves around a message in a bottle that was tossed into the ocean.

Teresa found a message in a bottle on a beach while having her vacation, upon reading the letter; it touched her heart so much that it puts her eyes to tears. She felt the emotions invested to come up with that kind of letter; she got curious about the identity of the man who wrote the letter -she decided to find the man.

Their lives will find new meaning after meeting each other, though miles apart, they tried their best to keep the connection they have found stable. But the past events still haunt their relationship that leads them to a major misunderstanding. They have found their selves regretting all the hesitations they had to take the relationship to the next level until the point that Teresa and Garett are helpless to bring back time.

The story is short and to spoil the story -since this is a Nicholas Sparks work; the ending is heartbreaking.

Here’s the movie trailer.


5. The Heir by Kiera Cass


If you’ve read my post about “My Good Reads 2015”, you can notice that I read “The Selection” series till its last book which is “The One”. And super kilig talaga, as in I hope there’s a lot of Maxon boys out there; he is so charming and a real gentleman. Now, I’m looking forward to the movie, I hope they give justice to the book.

Now, there’s a sequel book entitled “The Heir”. Yes! It is now about the daughter of America and Maxon who need to undergo the selection to ease the people about the post-caste problem of Ilea. Her name is Eadlyn, and she will welcome 35 young suitors in the palace betting to win her heart and be a Prince consort when she became the queen someday.

People of Ilea saw Eadlyn as cold and distant to people; that is what she really project because her life is planned before her and she believed that no one in the world is as powerful as her. She begins with the selection just to follow her Queen Mom and King Dad’s request; though Eadlyn has no intention of falling in love or finding a fiancé or even a husband after the selection. She planned to finish it within 3 months.

But her heart goes against her mind. Always.

The book is so bitin, that’s why there is another book coming which is “The Crown” the last in “The Selection” series.

6. The Crown by Kiera Cass


This is the book 2 of ‘The Heirs’ and the final book in “The Selection’ series.

Now Eadlyn Schreave, need to choose the one among her suitors who are now down to 5 called ‘the Elite’, but she is so sure in the beginning that she has no interest in finding a fiancé in 3 months.

The Queen had a heart attack because of Eadlyn’s twin brother; Ahren, who run away to marry his girlfriend who is then the princess of France. America is now recovering at the hospital wing, but because Maxon can’t leave her to the doctors and nurses, he assigned Eadlyn to be the regent while he is taking care of the Queen’s fast recovery.

Eadlyn faced different problems that the country has, like the unsolicited proposal to announce a war to France from one of the advisers whom she fired, different rebellion acts, the royal family, the monarchy, post-caste problem, her ability to be the regent and the selection.

Threatened by a lot of implausible people, her heart and her mind are now in a war. She never planned to have a feeling to someone who is not part of the elite and one old friend is trying to persuade her with a planned marriage proposal to steal the crown.

All of these things are faced by now the ‘Queen Eadlyn’ with grace, elegance and in a queenly manner.

Read the book, but start with ‘The Selection’ so you can feel and relate sa mga sweet moments of her parents. Haha! And for you to know how Eadlyn break a lot of rules of Ilea, like how her mom and dad did as well.

“But the truth is, love is as much fate as it is planning, as much a beauty as it is a disaster.” – Eadlyn Schreave


All in all, I have read 17 books for the past 3 quarters of 2016, 3 more to go and I’m near to achieving my goal of 20. 😀 No pressure. Still I want to read more when I’m done with the 20, becasue I’m sure, my body and mind will look for it. 🙂

I’m currently reading “After You” by Jojo Moyes, this is the sequel of “Me before you”.


*credits to the owner of the pictures used in this blog.

P.S. This is just my personal views on the books I have read. I don’t have any intention or purpose in this blog, I just want to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading.


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