5 things that will make you fall in love to Oslob Cebu

OSlob Cebu

5 things that will make you fall in love to Oslob Cebu

Oslob is one of the beautiful provinces in Cebu, located in the Southern part of the island. Five years ago, this place was unknown to many, but because of the popularity of social media and blogs by some travelers; this place is now a travel bucket list.

In fact, when you search Oslob in google it will show you different great places and blogs that says good things about the place. You should try to visit Oslob one day and I’m sure you’ll go back as often a you want.

My last encounter to Oslob was last June 10 and it left me in a serious stage of separation anxiety. Right now, I’m missing the place so badly and the people and the air and beaches and the life. Ugh! How I wish I can stay there longer or can go back as often as I can.

But anyway, as an outlet of this #sepanx, I would like to share my 5 Things that will make you fall in love to Oslob

First is HOW to get to Oslob from Cebu City?

  1. Go to Cebu South Bus Terminal located along N. Bacalso Nat’l Road. Ride the CERES bus. I recommend you choose Ceres bus liner because it has huge bus for comfortable travel, it is also better to choose the aircon bus becasue it will be a long trip.
  2. Ride the bus with a signed “Bato via Oslob” – do not mistake the signages, there are also buses going to Bato via Barili but it will lead you to Moalboal, remember that you are going to Oslob.
  3. Bus fare is P154.00 one way for about 3-4 hours. Tell the conductor to drop you to where your accommodation is, we are booked in Seafari Resort in Cuancua-ay Tanawan Oslob.

Seafari Resort Oslob Cebu


Cancuaay Beach Resort

Seafari Resort is one of the best accommodation in Oslob, near Seafari is the Cancuaay Private Beach Resort, which was popularized by some travelers who posted its pictures on social media sites that went viral. Since they are beside each other, we were able to visit the Cancuaay rock beach even though we are booked in Seafari.

Seafari has more rooms with free breakfast, has a 2 Infinity pool in the resort and a bar.


Food and  our table view.


Infinity Pool

seafari room view-joniewhattodo

View from our room.

Contact Details:

Hotel Address- Cancuaay, Tanawan, Oslob, Cebu, 6025, Philippines
Hotel Phone Number +63 (32) 513 16 15     +63 (0) 9325587108
Email – seafarireservations@gmail.com
Website – http://seafari-oslob.com.ph/

5 things that will make you fall in love to Oslob

1. Nice People

Folks in Oslob are very nice, they live very simply and happy and this town is safe because everybody has their own work to focus on. No crime can occur, especially during midnight as everyone is already sleeping to prepare for their work the next day. The most common job is fishermen, habal-habal diver, tour guide or small business owner.

We arrive in Seafari Oslob at  around 2:30am, it was dark becasue there’s only a few lights along the highway and the resort is closed, though we texted them that we might arrive early like 5 am, but not 2:30am :). So under the rain, we stay in one nipa hut beside the resort. We’re a little scared, but since the people are as sleep, we are brave enough to stay outside in the dark. There are some cars, trucks and motors going around, but they do no harm to us. Then after 45 mins of staying outside, we saw one man walking towards us. Omg! What should we do! Run? Scream? Get something to hit him? It’s 3:15 in the middle of the night, will someone help us?!

Then this is what happen.

Man : Good evening po, Saang resort po kayo nakabook? (Good evening, in what resort are you booked?)

Us : Seafari Resort po.

Man : Ay pasok na po kayo sa loob, ako po ung bantay ngayon. Umuwi lang po ako para mag kape. Pero nasabihan naman po ako na may dadating ngayon. (You can get inside, I’m the guard, I just go home to have some coffee, but I was advised that someone will come this morning.)

Us : *smilling. Thank you po.

See, people here will do no harm to you. And another experience we had is that when we ride a habal-habal to Tumalog falls, the driver is telling stories to us about the places and his experiences as a habal-habal driver. We found out that every habal-habal driver is a member of the tourist group in the municipality of Oslob. So when some drivers took advantage to some visitors, the visitor can report the driver and that driver will get suspended as a sanction for what he did wrong.

oslob bayan -joniewhattodo.png

Oslob Bayan (Town Proper)

This is where we ate our dinner, where the street side became a makeshift diner. The vendors sell fresh grilled sea foods, chicken and pork plus the very famous Cebu Lechon and the food is very cheap.

“FALL IN LOVE in meeting new and nice people here in Oslob.”

2. Ruins of the Balluarte

During the early years, the Philippines has been an apple of the eye to the explorers who wanted to take over the country. So, to protect the place, many natives built a watchtower and a ‘balluarte’ or a shelter for battle near the sea shores, so they can easily monitor if they have unsolicited visitors, since at the time people traveled thru boats.

One of the many ‘balluarte’ in Cebu is located here in Oslob, and it has stood firm despite the battles it has experienced and you can see thru its ruin the many assaults it has survived.

balluarte -joniewhattodo

balluarte2 -joniewhattodo

balluarte3 -joniewhattodo

“FALL IN LOVE with the remains of the past.”

3. Whale Shark Watching and Swimming

Oslob is very rich in terms of water resource and food that the water provides to them. And since water is a very big part of their livelihood, they have built friendship in one of the sea living creatures; the WHALE SHARKS.

These gentle giants of the sea are a very friendly creature. You can swim with them just make sure not to touch them as their skin is sensitive and when you swim with them do not put sun block before diving in because once its mixed in the water it can poison the whales.

The fishermen fed these giants, that’s why they  kept on returning to this place every morning. The money that the government received for every tourist who wanted to watch and swim with the whales are the one they used to buy foods for the whales, the salary of the fishermen and to maintain the safety of the whales and the people. Yes, there is a fee if you want to watch or swim with the whales.

Though there are some talks about this activity that the whales are being dependent to the fishermen in terms of food hunting, still the local government gives a GO signal to the fishermen because it provides income to the people and it’s one of the things that attracts tourist.


Whale Shark at my back.


“FALL IN LOVE with the gentle giants of OSLOB sea.”

4. Tumalog Falls

If you are more of a nature/tree or mountain-ey people, I guess Tumalog Falls will be part of your itinerary when you visit Oslob. This is not a typical falls that you can see in other mountains, it’s very different in terms of the speed or the strength of the falls. This one is more relaxed and a little slow when it falls, but still gives you a cool refreshing feeling when you swim.

And since it’s located in the mountain, you need to ride a habal-habal to get to Tumalog for 60 pesos one way from Oslob Town proper, and while you’re traversing the road going up, the view gives a breathtaking scenery.



“FALL IN LOVE with the nature.”

5. Oslob Beach

I love beaches. ❤ Every time I’m in front of a beach I feel so calm and relax, like nothing else matters, just me and the beach and nothing else. hehe

And so Oslob beach captured my heart, it’s like a love affair that was so real and romantic. ❤  actually every beaches I visit, I loved them and they love me back so I keep on coming back. Haha What kind of girl am I?

The water is so clear and refreshing, though some sands are not as powder-ey as the other beaches because this one has shells and sea stones, and it has big rock formations.

But whatever, beach is beach.  ❤



“FALL IN LOVE with the crystal clear water of Oslob beaches.”

So if you are travelling in Cebu, consider visiting Oslob and be a victim of its charm, because “life is short, book that flight”.



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