Long drive somewhere south

I have been planning to go for a long drive since last week, because I wanted to relax and  be stress free. Finally, it happened last weekend (June 4-5, 2016) and I’m with my two food/travel buddies. 🙂


Since this is also a #roadtrip, we don’t have any itinerary to follow, it was a free flowing weekend, like ‘where-ever-our-foot-lead-us’ moment.

Though we know the road to tagaytay, we still use waze, because we want the unusual route. We followed what waze gave us, and it was something new for us. The route -gave us different levels of “WOW”, and the picture below got the highest one becasue it’s just WOW!




We also noticed that every private vehicle that passed thru this  road, stopped to take pictures too, as the place is picture perfect. 🙂 We even saw a couple having their prenup shoot along the road with this background.

Our next stop is at Serin Tagaytay for a CR break and to stretch our legs we also walk the mall and just enter random shops.

Then, while driving  -we are now going to Twin Lakes for dinner, we are also looking for a place to stay. See, this trip has no itinerary -no exact plan on what to do, where to go and where to sleep. Earlier on our way, we are having a hard time booking online for a place to sleep because most are already booked and some are a little bit pricey because booking day and check in day is the same. 🙂 haha

Then luckily, we saw a  poster on the road for Crisanta’s Bed and Breakfast, we stopped and check for available room. Then VOILA! We got a room, it was a small room good for 2-3 person only, we decided to get the room just for sleeping and taking a bath.

After leaving our bags in the room, we continue driving to Twin Lakes for our dinner as our tummy is sooo hungry.

While still deciding where to eat, we enter a European shop named ‘Santis Delicatessen’, it’s like we traveled back to Switzerland for real. The chocolates, the breads, the wines and the cheese are there! Ate Marie bought wine, cheeses and beer stick which we enjoyed as our midnight snack. 🙂



Then the next day – Sunday, we go to the  Puzzle Mansion. It is the current holder of the Guinness World Records for the most numbers of puzzle collection and the biggest puzzle in the world. It’s 15 minutes away from the main highway, if you plan to visit just follow the signage posted in the main highway.

When you get to the main gate of the puzzle mansion, the road going to the mansion is very abrupt, that’s why we did not dare to bring the car down as we’re sure we’ll have trouble going up. Fortunately, there’s a shuttle -a jeepney type car, available outside the gate to bring you to the mansion and it will also fetch you going back for a fare of 10 pesos back and forth. 🙂 Very cheap.


Below are some of the puzzles. Btw, all puzzles is owned, collected and accomplished by Ms. Gina Lacuna, sadly she passed away 2 years ago, but her son is continuing her legacy. 🙂










They are all made out of puzzle. Amazing, right? The girl who made this sure has a lot of patience and perseverance, a one of a kind traits.

Seeing her works, inspired me to challenge myself to accomplish one puzzle, so I buy a puzzle in the store inside the puzzle mansion. I’ll tell you about it when I’m done. 🙂 I’m excited!

There’s also a souvenir shop in the mansion where they can turn your picture into a puzzle. 🙂


PUZZLED. We are in front of the ‘Worlds Biggest Puzzle’ with 32,000 puzzle pieces.


After visiting the puzzle mansion at 1 pm, we headed for lunch. Since Tagaytay is also known for ‘Bulalo’ (Beef soup), that’s what we ate at LZM Tagaytay plus their very juicy fried bangus (milkfish). You should try eating at LZM, their menu has a variety of choices and they serve it big at a reasonable price.

Truly, this weekend is a stress free one! I super enjoyed my weekend that it comes to the point that I get sad because the next day is Monday again and it means work, work, work again. huhu.

But anyway, looking forward again for this coming weekend as I will spend it in Cebu City- Oslob Cebu and Lindogon Cebu. Yeay!! And looking at my calendar, I will be a weekend backpacker this whole June till the mid of July. Another Yeay!! haha

It was really nice once in a while go out of your town, see new things, visit new place, and meet new people. It will widen your understanding and perspective on different things around us. So GO, even just for a weekend, don’t wait for a holiday to plan for your getaway. Give yourself a break, because you deserve it.



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