Summer Camp 2016 – Chiro Cainta

I’m still wondering how to start writing this blog entry, because when you are so bloated with good words and great memories you don’t know how to say it or express it into words.

You just want to let it stay in your mind and feel the good feeling for a long time.





Camp Date: April 7-10, 2016

Venue: Sampaloc Elementary School Tanay, Rizal

Theme: Time’s up! is our camp theme; the concept is about the world/earth that has a few hours left of survival. Survival, our earth needs to survive and of course the participants need to survive all the challenges that will unfold as they journey. The earth has been in a critical state for so long, that mother earth sends her son to check the devastation and find ways how to control the worsening situation of the earth.

time's up logo v.2

Our camp LOGO. Drawing by Alexis, Edit by yours truly.

elements final poster

The 4 elements of the earth by me.

Yes, basically, our camp sessions revolve around the 4 different elements of the earth.

Air element with sessions about ‘carbon footprints’, ‘air pollution’ and ‘acid rain’.


Water element with sessions about ‘water pollution’, ‘indigenous people and the politics of water’ and ‘virtual water’.

Land element with sessions about ‘ Land degradation’and ‘Over population’

Fire element with sessions about wood & fire and forest fire.


Night Game



Since, this is also a survival camp; we confiscate all their ‘baon’/snacks and foods, toiletries and bedding. They can only get it back if they win in the immunity challenges we have prepared.

Here are the immunity challenges we have prepared.





and the reward is….. TOILETRIES (yup, that’s toiletries in a garbage bag) 😛



Bucket Challenge


and the reward is….. BEDDING



Last team standing


and the reward is … SNACKS

And camping is not a camping without a hiking/trekking! We know that there are a lot of mountains and falls in Tanay that we can climb, like Mt. Daraitan, Daranak falls or Batlag falls, but we didn’t dare because of budget constraint. So what we do is we trek to Tanay Adventure Camp, a 4 km away from our camp site. It’s like we hiked for real because of the road’s steep slope, everyone is exhausted when we get to our hiking site, a vacant lot with a ‘long kubo’ in it. Yass, we are not inside the Tanay Adventure Camp, we are in front of it. Hehe. :p


Up in our hiking site, it’s very windy that’s why we take a chance to video our banner waving on its own.

And because the weather is so cool, we try to be cool too. Hehe.  We had this witty-ldrs-photo-opt or should I say bullies-ldrs-photo-opt


Since I am the PR head. I’d like to share with you the videos I made for the highlights of the 4 day camp. Enjoy watching. (sorry copy not HD)

Day 1 Highlights

Day 2 Highlights

Day 3 Highlights

Day 4 Highlights

So, overall we all learned and had fun. Hearing the feedback of the members during the evaluation is so overwhelming and empowering. Those feedbacks are the reasons why we still continue and keep on improving what we are doing.

This Chiro song lyric defines what we all felt after the camp.

“The Chiro is behind us, we shall not be move. Just like a tree standing in the water. We will never move.”

Ever since I was a kid, I always look forward to summer, because of ‘bakasyon’ from school and also because of camping! Haha. I started attending camp when I was 12 yrs old and up to now I’m still attending, not a participant anymore but as one of the leaders and organizer. And looking back, I saw that I’ve never missed any summer camp at all! 😀 😀 😀

I grew and learned a lot from the camps that I have attended. I became responsible and independent, I learned how to deal with different kinds of people, I became a cowboy and not a ‘maarte kid’ anymore, because I used to hate ‘putik’ (mud) and I don’t want to step on ‘lupa’ (soil) but I have no choice during camps because our campsite is in the mountains. I learned to sleep in tents and to take a bath for only 5 minutes because everything at camp is timed, so I learned to value time. I know that where ever I may go, I will bring these learning in my life forever.

And last thing, through Chiro and camps I met people that turned into friends that became part of my life and will still be part of my life.


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