3 steps to surprise your MOM on her birthday

Thinking about surprising your mom on her birthday?

Well, I’d like to share you some steps to successfully set up a simple surprise bday party for your mom. 🙂

And at the same time, I’ll share with you what happened in my mom’s surprise bday party, it was a simple party though, don’t expect too much. (wink)

First step: Planning

Early February this year, me and my siblings started our fb thread messaging to talk about our plans in mind for our mom’s 50th bday. We all agreed, that we will surprise her. But wait, what kind of surprise?

Ok, now, we have an idea. The first step is to PLAN.

Ask yourself these following questions:

When and Where?

The date when you want the surprise bday to happen and the venue, plus the time line of things to do as you journey closer to the date.

We decided that it will be an over night swimming surprise party on April 3-4, btw my mom’s bday is on the 4th.

Our time line is like this –> Last week of February, there should be 3 suggested venue/resort. First week of March is the venue reservation, we set the venue reservation 1 month before the planned date so we can get our desired date and venue because April is almost summer, and summer means hot, hot means you need water, water means you want swimming. 🙂 So most people will also plan a swimming activity.

So, in planning you have to consider the other factors that could build walls in achieving your plans. Factors such as weather, distance and budget among others.


Who will be on the guest list.

Me and my siblings decided that it will only be a small celebration. So the guest list in our mind is us, her closest friend, our Mama (grandma) and her siblings.

In planning for the guest list, consider the max capacity of the venue you are eyeing, so you will not over budget with the venue and food.


How it will be going to be a surprise to her. How will you distract your mom?

You have to think of ways on how you will distract your mom and how you will make her leave your home so that you can move around.

For us, since she’s been going out with her high school best friend often, we decided to contact her to inform her about the surprise bday. We also asked her to inform the other friends so that they may be aware and set it on their calendars.

Collaboration is the key here. You have to look for people who can help you in the success of your plans. Like their relatives, friends, classmate, etc. Don’t just own the planning, look for a team.


What to bring? what to prepare? what food to eat? what to wear?

Those questions are the basic thins to ask for WHAT.

Plan the foods that you will bring and also the volume of the food. It should be enough for everyone or more for the ‘pulutan’.

Plan the things to prepare, like sound system, lights, tarpaulin, utensils etc.

What to wear is like the what is the concept of the event? Is it  Coachella, Fantasy, 80’s, etc.

For us, we plan to bring menudo, afritada, tilapia with ensaladang mangga, pancit, cake, rice and grilled chicken. My sister also designed a tarpaulin with pictures of my mom, then our concept or theme is ‘wear anything checkered’.

Second Step: Organizing

Now that you have the plan, you need to organize the plans.

Tasking is the key. You have to identify people who will do what.

First, list down the things to do, like, contact cake shop, contact friends/guests, cook, marketing team, tarpaulin layout, etc. then assign people a task that you think he/she can do.

Then after you organized the plans, people will start working on their assigned task, but the head of the planning should also know how to follow up. Follow up the status of the assigned work, and inform everyone who is involved in the program.

Third Step: Leading

In this part, you are now in the actual surprise bday party. You need to check everything, if the flow of the event is aligned with what has been planned or is there any changes.

Monitoring the event will make you an expert in this step. Always check, or double check for the success of the party/event.

To share with you our experience, there’s a bit problem with the actual surprise, because the guest arrived a little later than what we expected. The guest should be in the venue ahead of the celebrant, because of that, we contacted my mom’s best friend whom accompanying my mom in the mall and tell her to not to go to the venue yet, because we are still completing the guest list. So the supposed 6 pm start of the party, started at 7:30 pm. The cause of this is the problem with the punctuality of the people, yasss! Because we have the so called ‘Filipino time’. 🙂

Below are some of our pictures during the party.

The foods. 😀

The people.



Overall, the surprise was successful. My mom cried, she was surprised, I almost cried too because seeing your mom so happy and surprised is a different feeling. Like, really.

So, go ahead, make your mom feel special on her bday. Surprise her even once in her lifetime, seriously, if you do that I know for sure that she will never forget it.

Good luck!



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