My Good Reads 2016 – 1st Quarter

Hello 2016!! I was so great that I welcome you with lots of books to read. Hehe. 😛 So here’s the books I’ve finished in the 1st quarter of 2016.

  1. 8 secrets of truly rich by Bo Sanchez8-Secrets

I wanna be a Billionaire so freaking bad, buy all of the things I never had. Familiar, right? That’s one of those songs of Bruno Mars, and the part of the lyrics that says “the world better prepared for when I’m a billionaire” is my favorite.

Reading another book of Bo Sanchez always inspire me to be rich and help a lot people. My goal is to donate a 100k check to charities and to Chiro, and I want to help the people around me. Upon reading Bo’s book, it opens my minds widely to a lot of possibilities out in our world. All we need to do is to act.

Read Bo’s book to be inspired for I was inspired by him.

  1. A bend in the road by Nicholas Sparks. 201312-a-bend-in-the-road

This book was a gift to me last Christmas, I was asked what kind of gift I like, and of course I said books. So here, it’s a Nicholas book, my nth time reading his works.

The story is amazingly written, it was full of love and hurt. I can’t explain the feelings I had while reading the story, all I knew is that I am excited to read the full book until the end.

Miles Ryan lost his wife in a hit and run accident, while still mending his wounded heart, he met Sarah, Jonah’s teacher; Miles son. They get to know each other and fall in love; Sarah is loath to fall so deep because of her incapability to bear a child that caused her marriage to fail.

As the relationship gets stronger, fate intervenes, that makes their story and things harder as it seems.

This is a must read.

  1. Virtual Careers by Jomar HilarioKerygma-Books-Virtual-Careers-by-Jomar-Hilario


So you’re thinking of changing career? Thinking of working at home?

Because I am!!

This book is a must read if you are thinking of ways how you can work at home and be a virtual professional.

It has a lot of tips and very informational for beginners. There are no jargons used that you will not understand, Jomar writes it straight to the point. You’ll also be amazed by the true to life testimonies of some VP, on how they struggle at first and now enjoying the freedom of working at home, traveling and spending more time with their family.

One day, I know, I’ll be able to enjoy the freedom while still earning online. So if you’re looking for a virtual professional to handle your business online, hire me please. Hehe. I’m on my way to finishing my online profile/portfolio. 🙂

  1. Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern memories

Have you had any blood transfusion before? If yes, have you felt any weird things after the blood had been transfused?

Well, maybe nothing weird, but with these two fictional characters that Cecelia made, there is.

Two different lives and two different places connected by blood transfusion.

Joyce had a blood transfusion to replenish the bloods that she lost when she had miscarriage.

Justin donats blood for the first time.

Some weird thing happened after the blood transfusion, without them knowing what is happening and what those things are.

Instantly, Joyce had Justin’s memory and knowledge which triggers her to find her blood donor.

The book is good to read because every scene was told efficiently and creatively. It’s a mark of Cecelia’s works.

  1. Me before You by Jojo Moyes. 15507958

Tears. Tears. Tears.

I’m so affected by this story. I feel like I am the one who is telling the story, well, actually almost in every book I read, I put my feet on their shoes so that I can relate to their characters well.

Louisa Clark lost her job after the coffee shop where she used to work closes; she looked for a job and ended up working for a 6 month contract work as a paid companion to Will Traynor, who has quadriplegic.

Why 6 months only? It’s for you to find out. 😛 Read the book or if you’re not a reader wait for the film on June. Hehe. I’m so excited for the movie, I watched the trailer last night and the words they used are exactly what is written in the book. Worth reading, as in, but after I finished the book, my heart  feels so heavy, it’s like I want to cry more bucket of tears.

I have this why-did-i-finished-the-book-so-fast feeling. D;

But overall, the book is really well written. Worth reading. Worth the time.

Here’s the movie trailer. Enjoy!


Currently I am reading “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins and it was really powerful and intense. So excited to end it, I think I’m almost near 🙂

More books to come!

P.S. This is just my personal views on the books I have read. I don’t have any intention or purpose in this blog, I just want to share my thoughts. Thanks for reading.😀



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