Five years ago, we are in Philippine World Trade Center, bidding our farewell as we take the new phase of our lives; the corporate world.  Finally, after 4 years of college, we made it. -we say to ourselves.


It happens so fast, we get way too busy with our own goals, works and personal lives. It took us 5 years to see each other again and ask kamusta ka na? saan ka nagwowork?

Early this year, the planning started. Looking for resorts for the venue, van for the transport, confirmation of attendees and budgeting (though this is not a budget trip, I tell you why later).

Happy as we are, the much awaited reunion happened. Though not everyone is present, we still made it.

So, on March 5, 3:30 pm at Legarda station the reunion happened. This is our agreed venue for meet up, where the van will wait for us  we will wait for the van.


Everyone’s complete (just those who confirmed), we travel to Pansol Laguna and we braved the traffics everywhere (because this is Philippines). We arrived in Casa Lorenza Private Pool, Resort in  Pansol Laguna past 8 pm, everyone’s hungry, so we cooked right after settling down in our chosen rooms.

After our “buffet” dinner, the party started. Singing, dancing, drinking, eating, kulitan, swimming. Singing, dancing, drinking, eating, kulitan, swimming. Singing, dancing, drinking, eating, kulitan, swimming. Repeat 50x. 😀 😀 😀

They say that ‘it is a hot spring resort’, truly the water is hot, that’s why I stay on the water most of the time. But I don’t believe that the water came from a ‘hot spring’, I believe that the pool is just a heated pool. 😛 that’s why the water is warm, it still gives a refreshing feeling though.

Itinerary and Costing

March 5, 2016 Saturday

3:30 pm – Meeting time – LRT Legarda station

4:45 pm – Travel to Pansol

7:00 pm – Stop Over at Pure Gold Calamba (Buy some items and foods)

8:00 pm – Arrival at the Venue, cooking time

9:00 pm – Dinner – photo opt

10:00 pm – Swimming, Singing, Dancing, Eating, Kulitan – photo opt

March 6, 2016 Sunday

3:00 am – Short Sleep

6:00 am – Breakfast and Pack up

7: 00 am – Departure back to Manila, we stopped by to the nearest Lety’s special Buko Pie to buy some ‘pasalubong’


9:30 am – Arrival at LRT Legarda station, another farewell 😦 but since some of our classmates wasn’t able to make it to this event, they requested for a dinner. So, I guess we will be seeing each other again for that dinner. Soon.

Since we are only eleven who showed up (instead of 15), the cost is more expensive than we thought.

Resort 12 hours – 9,000 (good for 20-30 people) (9,000/11 = 820.00)

Van (back and forth) – 5,000 (good for 15 people) (5,000/11 = 465.00 -with Toll fee)

Food (dinner, snacks, breakfast) – 400.00/each

Total contribution per personP 1,685.00

I told earlier that this is not a budget trip just because we are only 11 in the group. If more people show up the cost per person will surely be lessened.

The place is so good and not so expensive, if you are 20 or more for cost sharing.

Lesson from this trip.

  1. Plan ahead.
  2. Save money for the trip. (for unexpected things, and ‘pasalubong’)
  3. Don’t wait 5 years before setting a reunion, the people may not be excited anymore.
  4. You can ask your classmates thru fb ‘kamusta? san ka nagwowork?’ -don’t wait for a reunion to occur, before popping that question.
  5. Stay connected.



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