The Feast = 2.21.16

I’ve been wanting to attend the Feast ever since I knew about it, and of course to hear how Bo talks, live. Because I’ve heard him in YouTube videos and have read most of his books, but haven’t seen him in person.

And finally! Last Feb 21, 2016, I saw him 🙂 Gee! I get so kilig when I saw him and heard him live.  😀

The Feast PICC

The Feast, is tagged as the happiest place on earth by its founder Bo Sanchez, and most of the regular goers agree and support this tagline. So let’s see if this is true.

We arrived at the venue, 15 minutes before 9 am, in time for the mass. Everything was so organized, the chairs, the stage, the usherettes, the people, as in everything. I was blown away when the mass started, the entrance songs is not like the regular entrance song in a regular church. The stage is complete with the sound instrument and lights needed for a concert. Yes, it feels like a concert. The last time I attended this kind of mass was in November 2015 during the FNYO day, but if I will measure the intensity, this one got a 8/10 higher than last Nov 6/10.


Right after the mass, the band plays a worship song that starts the praise session. Bo Sanchez appears from the back stage, and I was like  I-am-seeing-him moment. He is still very consistent, he still talk with a lot of humor.

The talk is about environment, the bible verse is:

God put man into the garden of Eden to cultivate and guard it. – Genesis 2:15

I can’t write what Bro. Bo talked about in detail here, I will just share what’s the most striking to me.


Our actions towards everything is a mirror. What we do will come back to us. Hence, if your actions towards the nature is not good at all, what do you expect the nature gives back to you?


We are good in advancing the world, in fact, we have advanced it too much, but we forgot the protection and caring that mother earth needed.

I like how Bro.Bo compares it to a bank truck and a garbage truck, the bank truck always has a security guard, but does the garbage truck has a security guard? Diba wala. Sino naman ang mag aapply para bantayan ang truck ng basura? 😛


First, because you love the poor. Poor families will be the first one to be affected when the raging of nature strike us, such as storms, typhoons, earthquakes and tidal wave. If you love the poor, you don’t want to harm them, right? So love the nature.

Second, because you love your home. Home is wherever your heart is. So if your heart is with this earth, that means you love the earth.

If you have seen some small Islands on Earth like the Maldives, I know it was so wonderful, I haven’t been there yet, but I saw a lot of pictures of it, SOON I’ll be there. There is a study that says, if the ocean water level up, Maldives will be erased from the map. What!? I don’t want that to happen, I know you don’t want it to happen too. When I get there, I will take lots of pictures and I want my children and grandchildren to see it too with their own eyes. So let’s not erase Maldives from the map.

Third, because you love GOD. God owns this earth, he let us borrow this world so we can have an abode.

Yes, it is borrowed. Bro. Bo compares this borrowing of earth to a cellphone. He asked one audience if he can borrow his cellphone, the audience happily hand it. Bo asked if he can call someone from Israel, the phone owner says yes. When the phone didn’t work, he tries to tap it in a wall lightly, still not working, he tries to tap the phone a little stronger, but the phone still not working, he then stepped on it.

He asked the audience if what he did is right? No.

It will come a time that God will checked how well we cultivate and guard the earth, do you think he will be happy seeing the earth with a lot of cracks all over its body?


1. Plant a tree every year.


Picture from europeanpioneers

2. Recycle.


3. Change your light bulbs to LED.


Picture from Lesson from an Architect

4. Avoid plastic bag.


Picture from DIY printing

5. Use rechargeable batteries.


Picture from Buck Living

6. Brush without running waters.


Picture from iSustainableearth

7. Turn off lights and computers.


Picture from howtolivegreen

8. Rethink water bottles.


So, was it the happiest place on earth?

How about finding the answers in our pictures?

Actually, it is, because I am with the happiest people on earth.

Thinking how to find the happiest circle of friends on earth?

The answer: It will always be a choice, a decision. If you want or don’t want to be happy with the person your are with, it’s your choice. 😀

Therefore, the happiest place on earth is a choice, if you will be happy or not wherever you are or whomever you are with.

After the Feast, I feel so blessed, as it says in our T-shirt.




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