Who(got) Love?

who(got) love.jpg

“Mabuti pa ang simpleng tissue at laging nahahalikan
Mabuti pa ang mga bisyo, umaasang babalikan
Mabuti pa sila, mabuti pa sila”


That’s the trend now in the Philippines, talking about love, youth nowadays will give you an answer of hugot words.

That’s why Chiro Cainta held their Valentine’s activity last 2.14.2016 in line with this trend, the activity theme is “Who(got) LOVE?”. We like to catch the attention of the youth for this activity but still teach values and showing different kinds of love.

Sharing you some pictures of the activity. (Photos ctto)


Memory Game


Anong hugot mo?














Then after the event, we (leaders) go to RiverSide Pasig for a date! Hehehe 🙂 We rent a videoke room and sang out loud, everyone wanted to express their hugot feeling that night too, that’s why we ended up in a videoke place.

Salamat, tayo’y magkasamang muli – We seldom get to see everyone because of work schedule and personal schedules, thank you that we are together again.12734287_1251843278163061_3481181071620319705_n

Salamat at may gabing nakalaan sa kaunting kasiyahan – Most of the time we were together, we always talk about business/meeting/agendas, thank you because tonight we just enjoy each others company.12742438_1251843664829689_4110666151755008789_n

Salamat at sa pagpawi ng uhaw ay may darating na araw – We sometimes talk till dawn, specially when we have over night meeting and YOLO moment 😛 (lam nyo na un), thank you for  the stories.

Kay tamis ng ating samahan sa lungkot at kaligayahan – We’ve been through a lot, ups and downs, happy and sad, we say hurtful words, we fight, we laugh, we cry and we lean on each others shoulder, thank you!12705414_1251843804829675_9126554100745696572_n

Tunay na kaibigan, kasamang maaasahan – Each of you are really a true friend to me. A friend I can count on. Thank you.

Salamat at tayo’y may pinagsamahan – I know you all, almost half of my life, we may drift apart someday but I know the memories will remain, thank you for I will not forget everything.12717800_1251844098162979_3347079313287645359_n

Salamat, tunay kong kaibigan – Thank you!


Is the bold words familiar? Yes. I got it from a song Salamat by the Dawn. While having fun in the room, Kuya Ojie enter that song and everyone went crazy over it, we stand in circle and dance like crazy people. It was overwhelming because the lyrics of the songs says it all, no need for explanation. ❤

So, that’s how I spend my Valentine’s. ❤ ❤ ❤


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