Alpha-Me from A to Z

Hello world!

I saw a blog post from a blogger that I follow Melinda De Ross

She posted about Alpha-Me from A to Z, so I will just do it too, it seemed fun eh. 🙂

A – Age: 24.

B – Biggest Fear: Cockroach and Themed Park craziest ride

C – Career of Choice: Wala pa eh, but for now I consider being a Youth Leader as a career.

D – Drink you had last: Water

E – Every day starts with: Prayer

F – Favorite Song: Everything by Michael Buble

G – Ghost, are they real: Yes.

H – Hometown: Cainta, Rizal

I – In love with: books, chocolate, milk tea, Chiro, family…

J – Jealous of: some people lucky enough to have whatever they want

K – Killed someone?: none of course! But in thought, Yes. 😀

L – Last time you cried?: Monday. While watching ‘A Second Chance’

M – Middle name: Lorella

N – Number of Siblings: 5 sisters and 1 brother

O – One wish: To be a millionaire.

P – Person you last called: Wala. L Can’t remember eh, months ago I think.

Q – Question you’re always asked: About lovelife. Why are you still single? Do you have any suitor?

R – Reason to smile: Blessings are everywhere.

S – Song last sang: Sorry by Justin Bieber

T – Time you woke up: 5:30am, need to go to work eh, traffic sa Pinas, but I am looking forward for the days where I will work at home. 🙂

U – Underwear color: Red. *insert shy emoticon

V – Vacation destination of your dreams: Batanes Island, Maldives, Paris

W – Worst habit – Talking to myself (worst ba yun?)

X – X-boyfriend you hated the most: wala pa eh.

Y – Your favorite food: McDo French Fires

Z – Zodiac Sign: Leo

I challenge you to do it too, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this. No kj allowed! 😀




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