Happy birthday to everyone who is celebrating their birthday this MONTH. 😀

As the Christmas season is fast approaching, let me blog this birthday celebs I’ve been this November bc they are part of the few people close to me.

WARNING/BABALA : This post has lots of tagalog words. 🙂



The picture was taken 1 year ago, but seriously that’s still her look today. Lumago lang ng konti ung hair, as in konti lang.

She is one of my beautiful nieces, (mana lahat sa mga tita eh) second baby of my eldest sister. She will surely capture your heart thru her cute little dimples when she smiles, but you have to find your own way on how to make her smile. 😀

On November 8, her parents prepare a small family lunch (both sides of in laws) in Brookside subd. Cainta, Rizal.

This is now her updated picture.


Samantha: Cute ko no?



I posted this photo greeting in my Twitter and IG account, then posted a message in Clarisse FB to check this, knowing she has no Twitter and IG hehehe. asar lang sya 😀

She’s my baby sister, 2nd to the youngest.

Her birthday celeb is a surprise from her then persistent suitor named England. Last week Joemark (Chiro ldr and England’s bestfriend) PM us (Chiro Leaders) to attend this surprise bday that will be held in Antipolo Star Resort, after a long thread of messages the surprise is now all set.

It was Sunday (Nov 8, yes after the bday celeb of Samantha), so the ldrs had their meeting in Mcdo, then by 8 pm we all together go to the venue. After arriving, we prepare ourselves as we wait for Clarisse and England who have attended mass in Cainta.

This is what we talked about while waiting. (Secret lang natin ito ah)

Jeffrey: O ganto, papatayin ung ilaw tapos magtatago tayo dun sa mga cottage. Tapos pag nandyan na sila biglang kakanta ng Happy Birthday may kasamang palakpakan 😀

Everyone: *tungo ng ulo

Jeffrey: Tapos mag foform ng semi circle dun sa puno, may maglalabas ng cake tapos putok ng party popper after ma blow ung candle. ok?

All: ok.

Jeffrey: O dapat may documentation, ikaw na lang Liezel.

Thinking that everything is ok and everyone is well oriented, this is what actually happened.

Bok: Andyan na sila sa baba. Tago na.

All: *Kanya kanya lusot sa mga cottages.

Because 3 of my nieces is also with us they were babies who is afraid of the dark, so what do you expect?? 😛 😛 😛

While everyone is hiding and waiting for Clarisse, the first baby cry. 😀

Bok: ano ba yan? sino un.. hehehe

Jeffrey: at may umiyak!

Everyone is trying to hold their laugh because at any moment the birthday girl will arrive.

Someone whisper, nandyan na. Then we saw them walking in the dark, someone count 1,2,3

All: *chants Happy birthday to you…..

Birthday song by Katy Perry was played on the background and then party poppers was popped then the cake was brought to Clarisse. Wooohhh!!!

Everything’s ok right?? 😀 What’s funny is that, we forgot to form the semi circle in the tree and the party popper was popped earlier than expected. Then it was followed by a photo opt with the back drop.


The cake with bawas from someone’s excited to eat.

So ayun, alam na ni Clarisse ung nangyari before sya dumating (if she will read this 😀 )

Then we had our dinner in the VIP Gazebo, oh taray diba!


This is the Gazebo in the morning.

“Summing (swimming) na tayo” – Sabirah



Then before 12midnight, England prepare another surprise. We first divert Clarisse’s attention by taking pictures with her.


After the surprise is already set up, we go back to the three beside the VIP Gazebo.

It was a surprise question “Pede bang maging tayo?” with matching fireworks, Lola Nidora, Rogelio and a bouquet of yellow flowers plus Clarisse herself as Yaya Dub. 😀


What do you guys think of her answer??



PicMonkey Collage

take note of the date in the photo 😀 hehehe #superthrowback

She’s my sister, next to the oldest.

Usually, she celebrated her birthday with friends, videoke, foods and beers. But this time, it was a simple dinner for the family and her boyfriend. At her condition she is not allowed to drink beers, because if she did, the baby in her tummy might get out of the world drunk already. hehehehe. 😛


Again Happy Birthday to everyone who was born in this month. ❤

Next thing to look forward to is the Christmas Season!! Wooohooo!!



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