5 Manila Places to Wander

Manila Girl? Nope.

Yasss, I am not a Manila Girl, but I was living in a town very near to Manila. The perks? I can be in Manila in just minutes or an hour. So to give you an idea what to expect and where to go if you will be in Manila continue reading. The following places are the places I’ve been before.

Manila is really crowded, lots of people, lots of houses and lots of traffic. But Manila is also a place must visit because of its mystery that only you can discover through experience.

So, here’s what I’ve explored in Manila.


When a Filipino hears Quiapo, most will have the image of the Quiapo Church or the Black Nazarene in their heads.



It was one of the most famous places in Manila, it gathers thousands of devotees everyday for a regular Mass. Yearly, they celebrated the Feast of the Black Nazarene every January, millions of devotees joins the procession and they populate every area where the procession will pass. There is a long rope that’s connected to the Black Nazarene, and people believe that by just holding the rope is like holding the Black Nazarene and that you will be blessed.

If you’d like to experience this kind of Feast that happens once a year, better to plan your visit ahead of time. I’ve been in Quiapo, but I haven’t experienced that event because we visit on a regular day, still I was able to touch the Black Nazarene’s feet, you just have to fall in line at the back of the altar.

But experiencing the event is one of my list to do, I just want to witness the event, not to hold the rope or go up to the relic. 😀 (I’m sure madadaganan ako eh.)

China Town

I don’t know if it’s insane to say that every country has their own version of China Town, (bakit kaya?) it may not be all but I guess most country has one.



This is our Philippine version of China Town located in Binondo, Manila, it’s the oldest China town in the world. 😀 A lot of tourists visit this place yearly because of its food, yes! FOOD. They have different variety of Chinese food that is distinct only in this place as it was cooked by a true blooded Chinese and it’s very affordable.

Best time to visit is during the season of Chinese new year, because you can get a lot of discounts and freebies from the very generous Chinese. 🙂 Although it’s ok to visit during regular season like what we did, I think it’s still best to experience how they celebrate the new year in China town (one day I will).


Intramuros is a Spanish term for Within the Wall”it’s one of the most historic places in Manila. This was built to protect the city from invaders in the late 16th century.


Fort Santiago, inside Intramuros. ctto

In history, this was heavily damaged during the battle to recapture the city from the Japanese imperial army. So obviously if you get inside the walls, it’s evident that it underwent a lot of repairs already, but still told stories you’d never witness.

This place is very significant to me bc this used to be the venue for our day out during teen days with my Chiro mates. It builds our friendship strong and up to now they are still my friends.

Best time to visit, any time of the year. You can do a spontaneous visit w/o the help of a travel guide because the place is very easy to navigate. 😀


Filipinos are very known as a consumer, that’s why Malls and stores are the no. 1 business in the Ph. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look you can see a store, or a market.



One of the most famous market is Divisoria; known for its wide assortment of low price goods and you can actually buy ‘everything under the sun’ (Ironically and Literally) 😀 What we usually buy are t-shirts, paints, school supplies and some souvenir items.

Just make sure, that if you’re going to shop in Divisoria bring only a small bag and be careful for some pickpockets who pretends to be a shopper. If you are used to crowds and long walk, you’ll surely survive. Best time to visit is anytime as long as you need to buy something bc this is not a mall for window shopping. hehehe. 🙂

Luneta/Rizal Park

Dr. Jose Rizal is the national hero of the Philippines, this place is where his execution took place on December 30, 1896 as a result of the Philippine Revolution against the Spaniards.


Luneta is situated along Roxas boulevard, where you can see Rizal facing the West Philippine Sea. The park is also a venue of many events in the Philippine and you can do a variety of activities there. You can also find the Independence Flag Pole; the highest in the Philippines. And near the flag pole is the Kilometer Zero, it serves as the point from which every road distances in the Philippines are measured.

Recently, the park has becomes trending topic due to the building that is being built behind the park. The building was called “pambansang photo bomber” because it is  really a photo bomber, like when you take a picture with Rizal the building is really visible at the back (Try to google it). There’s a lot of talk and arguments on what to do with the building and I don’t have any update about the resolution. 😀 Luckily I was able to take a picture with Rizal w/o the photo bomber yet, that was 2011. 🙂 You can visit the park anytime you want.

That’s my five for this post, but there’s lots of places you can visit in Manila. Some places, still need to be discovered and promoted so people will be aware of its existence.

Thinking of a song about Manila, I thought of “Manila” by Side A. 

Diba it’s nice?? 😀

So people near Manila, what are you waiting for? Go around Manila, this could be a very cheap travel if you are on a tight budget. Hehehe  🙂


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