Seems like the Old Times


My usual weekend was spent either on meeting or at home. This Saturday it was spent 60% at home and 40% on meeting. hehehehe 😀

From the time I wake up, I am so focused on the television because I am waiting for a noontime show; me and my entire family enjoys. hehehe

I have a meeting at 5pm in Megamall, so after Eat Bulaga I plan to get  there early for a window shopping because they have this 3-day sale. But I am not a fan of sale items, just trying my luck if I could find a phone on sale. hehehe 😀 But unfortunately, I am unlucky to find one, and I am too lazy to search the entire mall. hahaha. 😀

So, I just went to the 2 biggest bookstore in the mall which is the National Bookstore and Power Books to check on the latest book release and to check if BDJ planner is already available, again, unfortunately it’s not yet available. 😦

Haba ng segway ko, anyway let’s go to my main topic.

Our meeting place is in Satchmi Megamall, it was a very cozy place to meet and to relax. It is a shop for vintage things, especially old school cds, and they also sell coffee. Coffee shop + music = Satchmi. hehehe 😀


Sorry for the blurred picture, can’t find a good one. 🙂 ctto: Marie Gutierrez


ctto: Marie Gutierrez

Look at our table, it was like a cabinet with stuffs for sale inside. Great idea, it is.


Picture. Picture. while waiting.

It was my first time seeing an old school cd and music player. So, I didn’t contain myself too long, I finally asked my friend to take pictures of me. 😀 Hehehehe. #firsttime #batang90s #hindiinabot


This is my first time holding an actual old CD. 😀 Picture by Marie Gutierrez

Seems like the old times talaga. 😀

So, If you will visit Megamall and you haven’t been in Satchmi, better to drop by especially if you’re #batang90s it will surely bring you back to the time of your grandmas and grandpas. You can also go to their listening room to try some cd’s for free. It is located in the new fashion hall, 4th floor, near Vikings.


Picture by Marie Gutierrez

Me inside the listening room, looking at the cd player; feeling amazed. 🙂

The place also has a very creative design. Look at me and ate benie with the backdrop design.


Picture by Marie Gutierrez

When I was inside the store, I feel like I time traveled back to the 70’s or 80’s, but when I get out of the store; I am back to the new modern world we are all now living.

Going outside of the mall, I didn’t expect that LandoPH is already waiting for me. The wind is howling like there’s no tomorrow. Joke! 😛 Luckily, this time, there are no lines in the UV express terminal and there are already fx waiting for me us so I was able to get a ride immediately going back home, I am home before 1am.


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