August 18, 1968 CHIRO YOUTH MOVEMENT was brought in the PROVINCE OF CAINTA by the 3 leaders of Chiro Pasig…….

……..and the rest was history.

From that day on, many lives have been changed; the lives of our alumni leaders and members who are very very proud of being part of Chiro Cainta.

Last August 23, 2015 we celebrated the 47th anniversary of Chiro Cainta in Bukal ng Tipan Taytay, Rizal.

Here’s some of the photos of our activities.

Mass celebrated by Fr. Nemencio

IMG_5245 IMG_5236 IMG_5233 IMG_5223

games. games. games.


Go Crown! Sugod Crown!


Trust fall JuBla version. 😀


Family ng Chiro (during theme talk)


Opening Ceremony


the very hyper Sun Division


Go Christi!




Group Dynamics. 😀


The awesome people behind the activity.


This group helped a lot in my development. It teaches me a lot of things that I didn’t learn at school. I only learned Math, Science, English and Filipino in school, though we have Values Education at school; Chiro teaches me the deeper meaning of ‘malasakit’, ‘pakikipagkapwa’, prayer, trust, love, giving, honesty, respect and most specially the friendly competition.

If you know me 8 years ago, you would say that I am very different from who I am now. Yes, I owe that change from my Chiro Family, they were the one who pushed me thru my limits and exposed me to different experience life could offer.


With some of the people who inspire me. (L-R) Badette, Jeffrey, Me, Liezel


Friends/Leaders from Chiro Cebu (L-R) Me, Jobeth, Charlone, Julius


Team 4 friends (4th batch of Chiro who visited Switzerland for a Leaders Exchange) (L-R) Ojie, Chino, Vhan2x, Pau2x, Mitzi, Me, Ehman, Deo


My co-leaders (L-R) Jeffrey, Badet, Ivy, Me, Ushe, Cats, Mymy, Aivy, Jay, Liezel and Aryl in front

 I’d like to share to you guys the lyrics of one of our Chiro Song.

Title: Family ng Chiro

Lyrics: Family ng Chiro, kakaiba ito. Sabi nga together one. Walang iwanan. Knowing all our differences, still accept nila. Ikaw. Ako. All for one. Saan ka pa? Ano ka ba? Dito ka na? Tara na dyan!

The lyrics tells it all, kahit sino ka pa, welcome ka sa Chiro!

That’s why when I first stepped my feet in Chiro, I really feel that this is my second home, then at the age of 12 my personal and personality development started.

I am thankful of all the leaders who handled me in my journey, and thank you to all the members I handled because they fulfilled my purpose as a Chiro Leader.

Sabi nga sa Eat Bulaga, hangga’t may bata may Eat Bulaga. I can re-phrase that “Hangga’t may bata, may Chiro”

I hope that this group will continue “Bringing the Youth closer to Christ”, because I am really looking forward to many more anniversaries of this group.





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