posting date 8.24.2015

I don’t know how am I going to treat you? I don’t know how to talk to you? I don’t think the way we talk will still comeback just like the old times? You’re very different today than before; I don’t know if I still know you. Maybe I know your childhood, but when we all started to grow; everything has changed. Before, there are more days that we talk, laugh, play and bond but today there’s more silence.

Not just me, but I noticed everyone don’t want to talk to you. We don’t want to be part of your day anymore. Especially me, I don’t want to see you, to be part of your day is not my priority. I can’t believe it comes from me. When I was young I never thought I would say these things, but today is different.

I don’t know when it all started to happen. I just woke up one day felling this feeling. And I’ve never seen your genuine smile again, and I think tomorrow will still the same.

I hope you became happy with your choices, I will always be praying for you, the old times might not come back but I know one thing that binds us; but I won’t spill it here.


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