Sunny Side Trip in Oslob Cebu

posting date 8.22.2014

I am a youth leader in one of the Catholic Youth Movements in the Philippines its called CHIRO YOUTH MOVEMENT (CHIRO read as KIRO), I am also a trainer of the said movement. We are a pool of trainers who trains the leaders of CHIRO. So we exist in some places in Luzon, Visayas and in Mindanao.

I got a privileged to travel in Oslob, Cebu last June 2014 because of the requested training of the leaders in the mentioned place.

Here’s my 4 day Training and a Sunny Side trip in one remote barangay and the Tumalog falls in Oslob Cebu, a hidden paradise in the southern part of Cebu.

My flight was scheduled at 11:00 pm, I arrived in Mactan-Cebu International Airport after midnight and someone from the group is already waiting for me. We took a taxi going to South Bus terminal and grab a lite snack because it will be a 4 hour bus ride.

It’s better to ride an AC bus if you will travel for more than 2 hours to make you feel comfortable specially when you have a full packed day ahead of you.

Four hours passed by and we are now in our destination, after dropping off the bus, we walked through the church where we are going to stay for the rest of the days in Oslob.
First day – By 8am, the participants started to arrived, they’re from different barangays of Oslob, some are from the mountains which will take you Php 150.00 for a ‘Habal-habal’ ride.


The training end at 5:30 pm, so I gave the participants a time to go around the place as long as they will go back before dinner. I really wanted to go around the place so I look for someone who can join me in going around. Fortunately one group of participants invited me to go out.

We ate in one of the burger chains and they treat me with the best halo halo in town. It was really nice, tasty, creamy and healthy because they used different kind of fruits instead of a regular ingredients used in halo halo, the store used fruits like watermelon, ripe mango, banana, melon, etc. I suggest that when you pass by Oslob, make sure to taste their healthy ‘halo-halo’. 

After eating we go to the town park beside the sea, I saw the protected area that the local government initiated, these is a place where no one can swim and catch fish or throw any garbage.


Second Day – For my 2nd day in Oslob it was a day full of training. So we rarely go outside, but here are some pictures of our 2nd day training.


Acquaintance Game “Name Game”



Morning Praise

Third day – Today is scheduled for our Year Theme activity which is providing breakfast to the less privileged children, as our year theme says “Let’s have Breakfast”. The year theme is based on the Gospel of John 21:12, it is when Jesus invited the disciples “come and have breakfast”.

“Let’s Have Breakfast!” is the strong response of Chiro in contributing to the nutritional problems of the Filipino children today. Because a recent study of Food and Nutrition Research Institute (FNRI) shows that 1 out of 4 children are considered underweight, this is equivalent to 4 million children. The study also found out that many young people go to school without having breakfast. In this situation, we show our solidarity with them by responding to their needs; it is the nutrition and total human development thru games and other structured learning experiences. (taken from Chiro Pilipinas year theme booklet)


logo owned by Chiro Pilipinas


We travel via truck; forward cars with big wheels are the only vehicle that can go up in the mountain because of its peak slope.


Participants climb up to get in the truck.


View going up the mountain.

More or less 50 kids joined us in the activity, they sing and pray, they watch animated story telling and play games. And of course they ate a yummy and healthy ‘Tinolang Manok’.


photo owned by Chiro Oslob


photo owned by Chiro Oslob

Before going back to the church, we had a side trip to Tumalog falls. Normally it has an entrance fee (but it’s very cheap) but we enter for free 🙂 I don’t know what happened. hehehe 🙂

We walked down for about 5 minutes. The falls was really lovely and the water is so cold, if only I have my extra clothes with me I would dive in to complete my experience with this natural beauty of our nature.



photo owned by Chiro Oslob

Fourth Day – Today is a day to be like a kid again. Run, laugh and jump that’s what we did the whole afternoon.

We play different games such as cat and mouse, crocodiles tail and pinnochio. The kids enjoy their Sunday afternoon and they end the day with a mass.


After saying our goodbyes, we headed to the city for a 4-5 hours bus ride to catch my 11:30 PM flight.

It was an experience that will be treasured because it was my first travel alone and living with some  people you just met, for 4 days is not easy. But now I know it was easy. 😀
Expanding your zone is really not a boring experience, it was fun and always always always exciting.


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