This is my note in my fb account last January 2013. Enjoy reading. 🙂

Gruezi 2013

Danke 2012!

According to Mayan Calendar, year 2012 will be the end of the world. There are facts that can prove it, and it scares the whole world, a lot of promotional movies add up to scare the people.

 But nothing can shake a person who is firm in the FAITH. And I’m proud to say “I AM ONE OF THEM!”

Twenty twelve had been a wonderful year to me. It opens a lot of doors, and it also closes a lot of doors, but I’m glad that there are windows that opens when doors closes. Hehehe 😀

Looking back to the highlights of my 2012, I want to thank everyone who became part of it.

JANUARY Newly promoted Aspirants Members. Thank You Aspi.Clarisse, Mymy, & Bok.

FEBRUARY Team 4 meeting, Approved Schengen Visa. Thank You Ldr. Marie, Badette, Chris, Ogie, and Hazel for the support & assistance.

–    Sabira Paula Molina Battung came. 🙂 Welcome to the outside world Baby Sab (1st niece).

MARCH – APRILSWITZERLAND visit and JUBLA experience. An exceptional experience that will be treasured forever. 😀 Thank You Fastenoper, to Jungwacht & Blauring, to the Partnership Committee of Jubla and Chiro, to my host family and to my Camp mates. Thank You to my new found friends Mitzi, Vhan2, Pau2, Chino, Deo, Ehman & Ojie TEAM4EVER 😀

APRIL – MAY ISKRAMBOL CAMP 2012, a 5 day extra ordinary camp. Thank You to the bus driver & operator, to the program committee and all the committees.

AUGUSTMy 21st birthday. Thanks to all who greeted me a happy birthday.

–          44th Anniversary of Chiro Cainta, everything has its own time, and this time is a time to say goodbye and to say hello. Thank you to all the leaders who supported me in my 2 year term as a Group Leader, now Chiro Cainta has a 2 new GL.

–          Thematic Camp on Initiation, the leaders of South Luzon Region was invaded by the aliens and some trainors had been infected by the virus but thanks to the leaders they did not surrender and at the end they successfully destroyed the aliens and virus. Thank you to the beautiful venue in Hardin sa Tabing Ilog, and to all the leaders and trainors.

NOVEMBER Aspirants day out for passing the CROSSROAD.

DECEMBERChiro National Pilgrimage to the Island of Cebu. “An Experience of a Lifetime” a different kind of journey to become more rooted in FAITH. Thank you Chiro Cebu, Spiritual Committee and to all the participants.

Also part of my 2012 is my involvement to Chiro Montalban, as trainors rotate to handle this baby group.

Time goes so fast. It is now 2013, but when you close your eyes and go back to the events happened in your life last year, seems like it just all happened yesterday.

Thank you to my very supportive parents, Mommy Gemma & Daddy Jimmy.

Thank you for being part of my life.

Let’s all together make this 2013 another year to be remembered.

Gruezi 2013


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