I’ve been thinking on how I can become rich? So these 11 things comes in my mind.

  1. Work Abroad. But not everyone who works abroad gets rich. Only those who know how.
  2. Work overtime. Sadly in my work there is no overtime. 😦
  3. Get another job. Teach me first the basic of time management.
  4. Mag audition sa PBB. Not every one gets in. Malay mo.
  5. How about starstruck? Same. Not everyone gets in and I don’t have talents.
  6. Join a Networking business. What is that?
  7. Sell my stuff. It doesn’t have a value tho.
  8. Sell my Kidney. Any hospital here that need my kidney? This is clean; I assume. (Don’t take this seriously :p)
  9. Marry an old rich man. Do you know anyone? (Insert drooling emoticon here)
  10. Run for any government position. You know what I’m going to do.
  11. Bet on lottery tickets. Buy as many as I can. Kaya lang sayang pera.

That’s it. I think I’m going to do all of these when I get really bored and feel that progress is very slow. Ano daw?? Joke. This is just for fun.


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